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    I was wondering is the Lionel HO U18B shell a good start for the U18B? Is it correct? I want to build a U18B but I do not want to hack the Athearn shells.

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    I'm not that familar with the Lionel U18B. Trying to find one these days is not easy.
    There was an excellent artricle in one of the first issues of "Diesel Era" (Sept/Oct 1990). You could compare the Lionel unit with the photos in this article.
    As for me I made my U18B's from an Athearn U30B.

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  3. Greg Elems

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    Lionel’s U18B shell is fine for the door detail and such. It suffers from the same problem as the early Athearn shells, too wide by a couple of scale feet. I have some, and they have EMD Blomberg trucks instead of the AAR Type B. I would say it runs as well or better than the Athearn from the same time period. I used mine as a switch engine switching a friend’s yard. I could really kick those cars, because it had no fly wheel. Even without the flywheel, it is a smooth runner and could run slow. It beat an Athearn U33c in tug o war contest. I got lucky when I picked mine up, haven't seen any since then.

    I really like your model Jorge. Very well done and an interesting paint scheme.

  4. BillD53A

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    Jim Six is planning a U18b kitbash article online, in the near future. Details, when posted, will be found on his RAILROADmodeler group at Yahoo.
    All U18b's were built for the Seaboard Coast Line. The first order, numbered in the low 300's, had FB-2 trucks and large fuel tanks. The second order, numbered in the 200's, had FB-2 trucks and small fuel tanks. The third order had Blomberg type B trucks (from trade-in F units) and large fuel tanks. The fourth order had Blomberg trucks and large tanks...this order was built but SCL did not take delivery due to an economic downturn. These were the units that went to the Maine Central, Mexico and the various smaller owners. For a decade or so, here in ft Myers, if it was a train, it was being pulled by a U18. Sure miss them. Bill
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    IIRC, a batch went to Mexico too. Those baby boats were neat. I shot some in the Lakeland Florida area in 1980. They had a unique sound to them.

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    I've just come across this thread, via Google, and thought I'd post to it.

    I've got 2 Lionel examples - one started out as a SOO Line unit and now wears MEC titles as the 401, while the other is currently carrying CP Rail "PacMan" titles and will be repainted as MEC 411. (Yes, I know MEC didn't own a 411, but the unit will never run on the right-hand side of the pond.)
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    That's not right... the NdeM units and the lone P&W had AAR B trucks, like the freelance model above.
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    That is also incorrect!:cry:
    The below link is for a list of original owners of the U18B.

    U18B Roster


    Intermountain Railway is supposed to be coming out with a U18B in HO scale sometime this summer. So no more kitbashing, yeah!:thumb:
    InterMountain HO Scale Upcoming Releases

  9. EsPeeMEC

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    Who are these people - Bachmann's up-range division?

    Intermountain's baby Boat was due LAST September (2007), then this January - I was promised one as a birthday present:thumb:, but they're now talking about Summer 2008.

    I'll believe in its existence when I actually see one, in its box, in a hobby/model shop and not before.
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    This may not be the same as holding it in your hands, but I saw two of them at the Oklahoma City train show a couple months ago. Have a look:

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