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  1. lionel 671 cleaning

    I have just bought a lionel 671 turbine engine and tender at a train show and It all works, I would just like to know how to clean it up and oil it up so it is as good as new. And just for additional info, it has a smoke heater, not a bulb. And one more thing, the whistle works, but it grinds a lot, is there any way to clean it or fix it up a bit? Thanks
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Take it apart carefully, taking notes and/or digital pictures so you can get it back together. Clean parts with lint free materials if you can. Make sure that everything you use (cleaner, lubricants) are plastic compatible, just in case. And when re-lubricating, remember that grease is for gears, oil for eveything else... (general rule). And the most important thing - less is more. Too much lubricant can be a worse problem than too little.

    Hope that helps. Sorry I can't be more specific about your particular loco.


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