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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by crazykld69247, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. crazykld69247

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    hi i am only 14 and i was wondering if n e one has n e ideas for my track, i will post a pic, and i have a nice diesel i think it is a dash 8 but the board is fried and i am gonna repair it, n e ideas let me know, tell me how it is, i just put it back together, i had it packed away for a year, so it is just getting back together, well tell me whut u think and suggestions, if any, ty. i wanted some elevation some how but i dontknow how or how much of a grade i can have, well thankyou in advance

    P.S. i have more plywood i have a 12' by 3' piece that i an cut up, cuz i am planning on buyiong a new engine so i have to keep my 42 in curves, plus i like the realism of the wider turns

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  2. billk

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    Crazykld -
    Your picture kinda of faded off into the darkness - could you post a drawing of your track plan instead?
    Other than that -
    Keeping the curves as wide as possible is good.

    As far as grades, you need to think about what is the steepest grade your locomotives can handle with the longest (heaviest) train you plan to run? Try to keep the grades as small as possible.
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    For a beginner or even an intermediate, Woodland Scenics risers/inclines are, IMHO, the best way to go for gaining elevation.

    Mainline railroads will *RARELY* if ever go over 2%; shortlines, spurs, etc., will obviously exceed that, but to keep your grades more realistic, try to keep 'em at 4% or under. The Woodland Scenics inclines I mentioned come in 2%, 3%, and 4% sets. They are quite reasonably priced when you consider how much time would be required to do it any other way (and it doesn't sound/look like you have access to a lot of power tools either).
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    Hey Crazykid, Its hard to tell from your picture but is that O gauge? the track seems to have a third rail. If it is it might make a difference what you use for risers because of the weight!!:eek:
  5. crazykld69247

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    ok the green is the outside track and the yellow is the inside
    on the long turn on the right, i wanted to have like a tunnel for the inside and the outside go over it
    i dont have the straight track n e more on that curve, today i bought 6 o-27 pieces with a 42" radius, so now it is a wide curve, just like the one in the front, thats why there is arrown, the red cirlcles are buliding and accessories, and now on the back left turn i have a styrophone mountain/tunnle for the insode track, the outside goes around, and i have a very handy uncle, well uncle, they are both in construction, so i do have access to power tools, well ty, bye

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