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  1. kf4jqd

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    Hi Gauger's:

    Most of us have some lights on our layouts. Some even have video cameras. With the introduction of digital sound. Some of us are even going to that! Has anyone thought about the "smells"? of your railroad world? :confused:

    The smells of your pine forest can be copied by using a Glade plug in. Flowers and other plants can be copied by Glade too. As for others like the smell of coal burning, deseal, and oil. That maybe difficult to copy, but may use the steam generators.

    I know alot of modelers like to model the steam era. Alot of out houses were used. hmmm "copying" that smell is up to the modoller! :D

    Andy :wave:
  2. spitfire

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    Hornby makes a live steam engine in HO now and one of their selling points is the smell of real steam and hot oil. :)

  3. 60103

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    A company made assorted RR smells about 10 or 15 years ago. I haven't seen them advertised lately. I think the problem is like early sound systems -- the effect from the farm yard is still noticeable in the city and distracts. Unless you stick your nose right down by the tracks.
  4. jetrock

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    Well, my layout is located in a city, and since I live right next to the freeway all I have to do is open my garage door (the layout is in the garage) and smell the exhaust of the freeway!

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