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    Another update:


    In this follow-up, the mayor is now annoyed that CN is taking so long to comply with the recommendations especially the installation of gates at all pedestrian crossings. I would bet though that it was his earlier counterpart (i.e. a former politician) that pressed for the "no horn" by-law in the first place...

    He also wants train speeds lowered to 30 - 40 km/h. Does anyone know what the stopping distance of a given train is at 30 km/h versus 50+ km/h? I don't think it makes any difference if you step right in front of it...

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    The ONLY way to eductate these pencil pushers, is to get them on board a Loco and let them try and understand the operation and how they stop , and the power generated.

    The TTC had to educate the police and those above them :rolleyes: on the way a street car operates and the stopping ability, only then when they had the _)(*(*&^*((*()_ scared out of them did the penny drop.
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    I used to live in Brockville and let me tell you, that with including VIA, the CP local and CN and its 3 locals that go through Brockville it added up to more than 50 trains a day. When the horns were silent, it sucked.

    Since the accident, CN took advantage of the contract they originally signed. It stated that they could bring back the horns when they wanted w/o the cities permisson in a case like this. And that is what they did. 24/7 horns.

    Now the 5 crossings on the CP branch which mostly see VIA are still no horn zones, but the 5 on CN are. 3 of them are side by side, the other 2 out a lil. SO it is mostly one big horn fest right on through the city at all hours of the day.

    If people don't like it, too bad. They are there to stay.
    Most cities have FULL bans in effect like brockville did.
    I can't wait to go gome for Christmas and here my beuties once again .. its gunna be so nice.

    Education wont do SQUAT, people will ALWAYS disrespect trains. The only thing you can do is make a HUGE wall come up when a train passes.

    Barriers stop cars, not people ... they will climb over or under .. ive seen it.

    Just let the trains make the noise, and if they want to be stupid.. well

    Brockville has to many stupid people... if the trains dont make noise and wake people up ... they forget the trains are there.

    I have had peeople tell me... trains acutally use these tracks .. i didnt know that.

    BTW .. VIA speed in city limits is 85mph i beleive and freight is 65mph
    CN will not slow their trains .. and re consider banned horns.
    That is miles per hour .. none is that kph crap. 25mph speeds will never happen it will ruin the schedules.
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    About a year ago, I was the second car stopped at the crossing gate waiting for the train. I was on a four lane city street where the speed limit was 35mph. Immidiatly past the tracks was a four lane state hiway crossing the city street.. The speed on it was 45mph. Suddenly a black fancy sports car dashed around the crossing gate. The light at the intersection was yellow. The car made it across and the train was about 30 feet away. Then the light turned red when he started through. Then I saw a hiway patrol car with red lights flashing and sirene going. The black car had no choice but to run the red light and guess what happened. The hiway patrol broad sided him and pushed him through the intersection. I learned later that he ended up with a few broken bones and a lot of bruses and lost his drivers license.
    There was a big court case where he tried to get the insurance to pay all the damages. He lost that one to. The funny thing about that is that the news paper said he was stupid.
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    Someone else got hit yesterday at the same crossing the two girls did. This time this guy was tresspassing. It was at night and as it was said, he was not on the crossing he was tresspassing.

    Not to many details are available yet.

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