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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Why me, Nov 21, 2004.

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    :confused: Hi guys im just going to start planning my new all away the room layout in size will be 40ft in 4 blocks of 10ft making at 10x10ft square with track room of 30inches width my problem is i like the new D C C set up but its not only and soley run on two wire is it so do u guys have a take on this deal i intent to run 6 lines a goods yard and shunting yards plus sidings so where do i need to isolate the points ect thanks in advance mike :wave:
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    DCC requires only two wires to go to the layout provided there are no reversing loops, wyes with two or more sides joined, or turntables, and you have continuity over the entire layout..

    Those little gotchas are the only real gotchas and are there no matter what you do if you run two rail track.

    Now the other gotcha is power supply load, you must be able to power all the items you are going to run.

    So if you have a 5 amp supply and 9 1/2 amp decoder equiped devices no problem.
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    If you can keep your electrical load under 5 amps, you should be able to wire your layout in one section. 5 amps should be about 10 modern locos running at the same time.
    However, you can;t rely on the rails to carry the current, especially through switches. Plan to run some thick wires under the layout to carry the main DCC load. Wire from this bus to the tracks at regular intervals, using a lighter wire. You have to wire to all parallel tracks.
    You should add jumpers beyond any switches. Electrofrog switches will need the usual gaps beyond the frog to preven shorts, and then more jumpers. I don't think you can get any sort of reverse loop in 30", but these need extra wiring and a black box.
    If you go for a walkaround control, you will need extra wiring for this. Usually telephone wires will do for this, but see the instructions. The Lenz system I worked with had telephone jacks or RJ45 every so often around the layout so you could follow the trains. If you are going to do major shunting or switching, you need a socket or two for each yard.
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    You might also want to read this thread:


    dealing with wiring.

    David is correct about not relying on the track to provide layout wide continuity, it can if you bond each joint using solder but that leads to other possible problems.

    BTW David, I think there is no problem constructing reversing loops or engine turning wyes on a layout that's 10' x 30" on a side [​IMG] . I'm planing on turntables and a wye for my layout and it won't have any 30" wide portions as currently envisioned.
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    Check out www.wiringfordcc.com. Good advice abounds. Having pointed you there, I'll say that I use far fewer power feeds than that site recommends and have no problems.
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    PS - For quite some time whiel under construction, I did run the whole layout on a "two wire" feed and that also worked just fine... Not sure I'd recommend that permanently, but the "2 wire" promise of DCC isn't entirely hogwash to be sure.

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