Let's boot prostate cancer in the face- support my Spartan walk on Sunday!

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  1. PreacherMan

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    Mods, if this is in the wrong area or is against the rules, I'm sorry-

    Hey, all.
    My name's Nathan, and this Sunday I'm taking part in the cross-Canada Father's Day walk/run... in my full, 35lb Spartan III armor set.


    I'm not exactly a PR guy, but we all know prostate cancer sucks- I won't patronize anyone or play off of emotions, but it's a good cause and I'm trying to raise awareness and funds any way I can. Right now, that means finding sponsors.

    If anyone's interested, this is where donations can be made directly to Prostate Cancer Canada

    And since incentive is always nice and I have a bit of time to myself this summer, I'm gonna offer incentives.

    If I reach 50% of the goal, I'll go out in the armor, book some lighting gear and whatnot out of pocket, and do an old school Maxim style pinup style photoshoot. The results will get their own thread here.
    If I reach 100% of the goal, I'll double the distance I'm walking.

    Anyone that donates $20 gets a pencilled drawing of their armor, of their own choice. $30, and you get a full inking. This is what I do as a part time job, and I take some pride that my work isn't horrible- here's an example for what you may be getting. Any character sketch or anything, just no massive landscapes.


    $50 gets the art mailed to their doorstep, as well as a signed print from the shoot of their choice. I'm no Marilyn Monroe, but hell, if anyone wants a picture of some random Spartan getting sexy on their wall, I guess this is one of the few chances you'll ever get to do it while helping a good cause.

    Thanks for reading, everyone- and thanks for helping out.
  2. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Great initiative!
  3. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Very cool!! Great idea! Go after the Silent Killer! You are extremely talented, that drawing is excellent! :)
  4. PreacherMan

    PreacherMan Member

    Holy crap! Over halfway already. Thanks to everyone so far. :)
  5. PreacherMan

    PreacherMan Member

    It went great! I passed my goal by $55, and as promised completed 10km as opposed to 5km walk. My blisters have blisters (really, there seems to be a stack of two inside one on my left heel).

    Here's my team right after the finish of the 5k- I was the only one that kept going, and honestly I can't blame anyone else


    Also as promised, here's a horrible picture. I've started inking the commissions, half of them are done. :)

  6. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Way to go, PreacherMan!

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