Lenz/JMRI Caution

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by kchronister, Nov 30, 2004.

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    Hey all, so I've got the computer hooked into my Lenz system, running JMRI and can operate the whole pike on the screen if I like. Yay. But it didn't come without pain.

    I use Lenz LS150 stationary decoders to run my twin-coil "snap" switches. The newest "Beta" version of the software WILL FRY the coils when trying to operate the switches from a "panel". I think this would probably apply to any DCC system running snap switches -- the problem is that the power doesn't cut off, but stays on, frying out the coils.

    This was a problem in older versions, fixed in the newest "production" version (1.4), but cropped up again in the latest Beta (1.5.4)... Paul, the primary developer of JMRI was very helpful in this and it certainly shouldn't dissuade anyone from using it. I find it really easy to work with, and you can't beat the price (free!).

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    Thanks for the "heads up" Kris

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