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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by KCS, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. KCS

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    Well, guy's, I finally got another job today but I think to my fiance it didn't come to reality until this morning. She is devastated by the fact that I will be leaving out Monday morning for my first day and I won't be back home until some time in November. The company I am going to work for is a helicopter chemical spaying company that sprays herbicide and insecticide on crops, forest's etc. I completed my orientation this morning on Haz-Mat as I will be driving a truck towing a trailer that carries these chemicals.

    I won't be anywhere near a computer to keep up with the latest in railroading but I'll sure and try to do some rail fanning on my own if I can. I'm not sure if I can though because these guy's work from dawn to dusk 7 days a week. So If I'm near any tracks and I'm not to tired I'll try and take some pictures while I travel.

    Well, it's time for me to start getting thing's together and get stuff done around the house and such sense there's so much to do before I leave (packing up my trains too :( ) I'll try and keep up with some things until Sunday night. :cry: :wave:
  2. LoudMusic

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    Wow, sucks that you'll be away from your woman and your hobby, but driving haz-mat you'll probably have plenty of money to spend on both when you get home ;)

    Railfanning in a different part of the country than you're used to is lots of fun. I hope you get to spend some time train watchin.
  3. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Good luck with the job! We'll be here when you get back.
  4. hooknlad

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    Best of Luck to you in your new endeavor - You will be missed...
  5. spitfire

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    Good luck! We'll be waiting when you get back!! :wave:

  6. KCS

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    Well, I went and picked up a few last minute traveling supplies but forgot to buy a camera. D**N! Oh well, I'll try to get one if I can swing it but I only have $41 to make it through the month until my first check. I sure am glad they pay for all the grub. Well I'll check back once more before I leave in the morning. Thanks guy's.:thumb: :wave:
  7. Brian R.

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    Hey KCS,
    Good Luck. If you get the chance, and we all know you'll be busy, stop on in and let us know you're alright and doing well. Good Luck again. Enjoy your time on the road.
  8. KCS

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    Well, yesterday was ust a pretrip but I'm leaving this morning to drive all the way to Eldarado, AR. From there I have no idea where's next but if I have the time and money I will try and find a computer with internet access somewhere such as a truck stop. I'm taking a bag full of MR, MJ etc mag's with me to keep me entertained while I'm not woring or sleeping. Other wise I have my gri paper note book to continue plan's on my future layout. Thanks guy's. If Im not back by then then Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving way in advance.
  9. KCS

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    Lookie here. I found out the hotel we are staying in has free internet access. woot! Well, I gotta get to work but I'll post about some thing's I have seen the past few days.
  10. Gil Finn

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    Dont get that Agent Orange on you, it is hell on the complection.

    See you in nov.

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