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  1. bndrinkin

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    I am new to the site. Its been about 15 yrs since i ran my HO train set. its on a 4x8 plywood. i would like to start over and was wondering if there are any good books that show different layouts of tracks. i would like to have mountains and run 2or 3 trains at once

  2. nachoman

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    If you check the atlas model railroad site, they have many trackplans. There are quite a few trackplan books at most hobby shops you could thumb through and find one you like. But you can also find tons of trackplans on the internet if you search for something like "4x8 trackplan"

  3. ed acosta

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    "Track Planning for Realistic Operation" Third Edition, by John Armstrong seems to have a wide variety of layouts and some discussion on realistic operation. Its published by Kalmbach Books.

  4. Kevinkrey

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    Check a local library for books, specificly, 101 trackplans. That is a great book, with, well with 101 trackplans of all sizes.
  5. bndrinkin

    bndrinkin New Member

    also, how do you know what size controler u need?
  6. Kevinkrey

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    It depends on the size of your layout and how many trains you plan to run at one time. For most 4X8 and even some larger than that, a basic DC or DCC system should work. If you do just have a 4X8 a think of how many trains you will run at one time, if it is more than one you might consider DCC or regular DC with block wiring.
  7. bndrinkin

    bndrinkin New Member

    is there a place i can look to see if i plan on running 2 or 3 at once it will tell me. like i said, right now i believe the layout is 4x8 or 4x10 i will have the exact mesaurment on thurs, but would like to expand it. trying to figure the best way to expand it and a top layer to the current layout or what? right now on the layout it is just the tracks and no scenery.

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