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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by its id, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. its id

    its id New Member

    :thumb: Hey guys, i bored my girlfreinds camera and she knows y. my girlfreind is very supportive of my model railroad. so heres a couple of pics for my first layout at 16 years old
  2. its id

    its id New Member

    Picture 1 - welcome to my lsyout asfter hard work you will find my layout to be very violent.

    Picture 2 -Waiting at the station.

    Picture 3 - The grim reper watches his dead in the cemetery

    Picture 4 - nothing like a nice football game saturday night

    Picture 5 _ an overveiw of the urban area

    Picture 6 - Tanks being prepard to be shipped to the front line at the US embasy

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  3. its id

    its id New Member

    Picture 7 - Getting drunk before work

    Picture 8 - busted...

    Picture 9 - explaining orders

    Picture 10 - this picture is my favorite i was my camera wasnt so bad. is so blurry. but ill get better shots soon
    just to give u an idea of my work so far for those who havent heasrd form me in a while. i havent been sittin on my ass doin nuthing after work.

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  4. its id

    its id New Member

    Picture 11 - the airport. my commerical line airport has a train to the central train station by the city. convenient for passengers.

    Picture 12 - the over veiw of the central station and the river.

    WAY more pics soon. so much more stuff on my layout that hasnt been seen.

    k later - id

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  5. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Hi ID! :wave:
    Welcome to The Gauge! :)

    Thanks for posting the pics!
    Some of them are a little on the blurry side...If your camera is not equiped with a "macro" lens, you usually won't be able to focus on an object under 2 or 3 feet away...My daughter has a digital camera that I've had that problem with...
    Just try backing off a little, & you should get a much clearer shot!
    Kepp 'em coming! :thumb:

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