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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by platypus1217, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. platypus1217

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    I am working on a new layout and trying to finalize a track plan. Before I take the big leap an start to glue things down I wanted to get some opinions and find out if anyone else has a similar sized layout.

    Some details on the layout:
    The layout is a 2.5 ft. by 4 ft. I live in an apartment and that is what I have to work with. I want to have a some form of operations, probalby focused around making trains and switching industries. I also would like a loop as well so I can sit back and watch the train run as well. It will be an industrial/urban based layout and the rolling stock is 4 axle diesels and short (40 - 50 ft.) freight cars.

    Quite a bit to cram into 10 sq. ft., but I am up the the challenge!

    The Plan

    See the attached track plan for what I have so far. (I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works since). At the top it has a yard for sorting/making trains, and a place to park two engines. In the middle are the industries. The spur at the bottom represents an interchange.

    I am really interested in getting replies with:
    A) feedback/suggestions on my proposed layout.
    B) other existing layouts (constructed or just plans) that fit in my space.

    But any input is welcome. Thanks!

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  2. Squidbait

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    I like it. It's got some operating interest, and room for some scenery structures. I don't think you can do a lot more in the space you have without it becoming a Spaghetti Western.

    The only thing I'd suggest changing is the location of the spur in the bottom right. Move it either closer to the main line or the edge of the layout, so you'll have more room for a structure/industry there, and extend the lead off your passing siding at the top of the layout to represent your interchange. To me it makes more sense to interchange at a yard than out in the boonies (so to speak) like that.
  3. platypus1217

    platypus1217 Member

    Thanks for the feedback! That is interesting take on where to place the interchange. It would be easier if the switcher could grab the interchanges. However I was thinking it would provide more operating interest to send out an engine to fetch the cars from the interchange, and then have the switcher come and break the train down.

    But now you have me thinking about using the one industry track on the top inside of the loop as an interchange and extending that across the curved portion of the loop. Hehe this is why I never seem to get to the track work!
  4. Squidbait

    Squidbait Recovering ALCO-holic

    You could do that, or if you have room, you could extend that lead off the edge of the layout to a 1 or 2 track staging area. You could have the other RR bring the interchange traffic in (or send your loco out to get it).
  5. Agatheron

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    One note about the Walthers Grain elevator kit, I believe you can move it closer to the track, because part of the building is a shed-type structure that goes over the rails. That may give you a bit more scenery space there...
  6. platypus1217

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    So I played around with XTrkCad's feature to let you run trains around. I found out that I didn't really like the short stub on the yard. So I had the bottom two tracks just function as a passing/run around and added a branch of the middle track so I have 3 stubs to sort cars on.

    I also switched the direction of the turnout for the industry at the top. I still need to play around with fitting the industries in to see if that give me enough room but I hope it should.

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  7. berraf

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    Looks like a great layout on a small base. Good job!
    I follow your thread with great interest.

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