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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Greg Elems, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. Greg Elems

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    Well, I have come up with a workable layout IMHO. I thought I'd run it past you layout people and see if it flies. First of all, it will be in S scale. I have a 14' x 19' area to work with. I will be using 40" radius on the mainline curves. The switches will be #5's for just about everything and #6 to come off the main. My branch line will head up to a second level over my staging yard. My staging yard will be about 2" lower than the rest of the layout. My second level should be about 4" or 5" above the visable main line. This gives me 6" or 7" above the staging yard. My road power will be SD60's and GP35's. Yard and branch power will be GP9's. My F7's will be road power at times also. Lockwood yard will have a small engine fuelling area and some industry. The branch line will have industries, even on the grade. I think I've covered everything.

    Greg Elems

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  2. shamus

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    Hi Greg, That sure will work just fine, in fact, it's vary like my old "Raton Snake Valley" with a few mods to it. Yeah, love it.
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    Thanks Shamus. Your "Raton Snake Valley" layout gave me some direction. I wanted to avoid the duck under and still have some continuous running. I do like to railfan and I wanted to have some sections, that will be fun to just watch the trains run through. My friend likes to call those photo ops.:D The branch line will be strictly switching with a run around at the end. It also won't extend past the staging yard.

    Greg Elems

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