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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by msh, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. msh

    msh Member

    I've finally done it.

    The new BonkyRail Lines HO layout has been designed to my satisfaction and can be viewed HERE

    Just be sure and scroll down until you see the teeny little benchwork picture and then click on it.
  2. aartwmich

    aartwmich Member

    Bonky....msh...Mike is it?

    Your layout is great!! All the things you wanted, beautifully arranged in such a small space. It's fantastic!!

    You're website and presentation of illustrations is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! :D :D :D

    I can't wait to see the progression of construction pics as you go along and build your layout!!

    And I gotta know...what software did you draw your layout in??
  3. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Congrats, msh!
    Looks like you're having plenty of fun with the RR!
    I like your website too!
  4. jwmurrayjr

    jwmurrayjr Member

    Cool! :cool:

    So where's that track plan? The 3-d one.
  5. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Excellent presentation on your web site msh!
  6. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Looking good, please post some pics as you go! :) :cool: :)
  7. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi msh,
    Very nice website, I do like your control panel, well done indeed

  8. msh

    msh Member

    to all on the web site design - I do that as another "hobby" and for my company too. It's almost as fun as this!

    well now - that's the kind of support I'm used to here... thank you.

    shamus - the control panel exists because of your design. Simple and solid. Too bad it is obsolete and has to be replaced with a new one.

    tyson - pics will most definitely be taken as I go, just as were done with layout #1

    jim - I don't know... check you mail

    aartwmich - you're very excited about what I've offered and I'm more than flattered with your pat on the back. Software used is 3rd Planit by El Dorado Software - here's a link so you can learn more.

    Off to Home Depot for 1 x 4's and foam! C-YA!
  9. aartwmich

    aartwmich Member

    Yes msh...being a CADD assisted machine designer working with both 2D and 3D I am greatly intrigued :D by your illustrations. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D illustration is worth a billion words. You can explain to me with words forever and a day and I don't get me one good illustration and I've got in a second!! Same goes for customers who can't read a drawing for the life of themselves!

    Your web pages with all the pics have offered me much inspiration to go ahead and try things I previously didn't understand....hell yes I'm excited!!! :D :D :D

    Going to check out that software....hhhmmm.....wonder if the landscaping function it has would work for things other than train layouts...........

    edited 2-9..I downloaded and tried out the demo version,it's alot like CADD and the tutorial is excellent....very cool..I think I may have to buy it...still excited lol ;) :D :D
  10. Railery

    Railery Member

    :D looks good Michael. See lots of future expansion. ;)
  11. CPRSD40-2

    CPRSD40-2 New Member

    Looking good, looks like your buggie likes model railroading too!
  12. Matt Probst

    Matt Probst Member

    Great job msh....Very nice web site and the railroad is really looking good as well!:) :cool: :) :cool:

    Matt--Hershey, Pa.

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