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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by tonphil1960, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. tonphil1960

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    The N scale layout I am planning on is going on my modeling workbench as I have mentioned elsewhere. The bench will be relocated.
    It is in a very small room no more than a large closet. that is 55"x 9 feet so picture the bench on one of the narrow ends of the room.. with the layout being 50"x36". Is doing a layout like this going to be detrimental or benificial since I only have access to the front of the layout, should be OK since it is small?
    Also this setup allows me to do backdrop scenery all around 3 sides. Just looking for opinions...

    Thanks Tony I know I am asking alot of ? but it is the only way to learn !!!!!
  2. jetrock

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    Depends on how well you can reach the back of the layout--36" is a stretch!

    But a 9 foot long N scale layout 24" wide would look pretty nice, and leave 26" of aisle--not a ton of room, but easy access to everything and a longer run would be bonuses! You could also use a "dog-bone" plan that is big on the ends (for wide loops, to handle bigger locos) and narrow in the middle (for better access space.)
  3. tonphil1960

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    Thanks Jet, You have a good idea there, I think I am going brain dead. The only thing is I need the bench in this room so I have a place to work, and store my modeling stuff, books etc...

  4. jetrock

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    One other thing you can do is put the layout at about 48" high so you can fit workbench, shelves, etc. under the layout. I have a setup like that, with a shelf above the layout at 5'5" high that serves both as a lighting valence (layout lighitng under the shelf) and storage (stuff on top of the shelf.)
  5. tonphil1960

    tonphil1960 Member

    Yeah I will do that, keep the bench under the layout, I am going to run staging tracks down onto it from the back of the layout and I can still use the bench for storage and a place to put my coffee.


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