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    Canadian Pacific's first roadswitchers from General Moters were 17 GP7's roadswitchers aquired in 2 batches in 1952 and 1953
    Of these, 3 were traded in for rebuild to GP35 and one was wrecked.
    Starting in 1980, CP started a program of rebuilding and remanufacturing their remaining 12 GP7's into yard and transfer switchers (among many others).
    The work involved chopping the high nose, removing the dynamic brakes and rebuilding the prime mover, electrical and controls.
    By early 1983 all but one had been rebuilt into the 1500-1511 series. #8418 was assigned as the Cranbrook yard switcher (among other duties) and from 1980 untill early 1984 I often wondered when she would finally be called in.
    Early in 1984 she disapeared from Cranbrook and was finally rebuilt.
    the following are 3 pics taken of CP's last GP7 #8418 in her origional configuration.
    First is in early July 1983.

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    Next is one of her in the loco servicing area in early November of 1983.

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    I have many shots of #8418, but this is the last one I ever took of her.
    December 24, 1983 in a light snowstorm.


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    Wonderful photo`s Terry , and I do enjoy all the history you attach;)
    What is her new #?
    and location?
  5. K.V.Div

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    #8418 was renumbered #1511, however I am not sure where she is now. I have heard that she might be working somewhere along the old SOO Line in the U.S.

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    CP 1511(ex-CP 8418) is based out of St.Paul, MN.
  7. Matthyro

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    Thanks for the interesting photos and infromation Terry.

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