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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by gman95687, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. gman95687

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    Anyone know of any links for a free download of a larger scale Tank or armored vehicle. Looking for something a lot larger than 1/72 scale to start on. The larger the better! Thanks!
  2. charliec

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    I know GW is going to respond with a list of links. You should be cautioned that
    going up to a larger scale may be adding more complexity than you want to handle at the moment for a first model. Perhaps the 1/50 models at ICM might
    be more to your liking - see forum "First Impressions" - there are quick reviews
    if both the ICM Pz IV and T-34 models.

    You can always take one of the smaller scale downlaoded models and rescale it reasonably easily - there is(was?) a good tutorial on that on this site.


  3. gman95687

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    large tanks

    I am not too worried with the complexity as much as I am the fact that my hands tremble at times making it difficult to handle small pieces. I might try enlarging a 1/72 scale card model just to see what happens, but at the same time I would welcome any links that anyone would have. Thanks!
  4. Jim Nunn

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    Charlie I guess GW doesn’t watch us track layers so I jump in.

    Take a look at 3d paper models they keep a very complete up to date list of the free models on the net.

    This specific link takes you directly to the Tank listing.

    gman9568, this is in my option the best large scale tank model on the net and the detail is as good as any commercial kit. The only issue I have with the model is the color is too “green” for an OD finish. You should also consider taking some of the very good 1/72 scale models and scaling them up when you print them. You would end up with some nice models with out all of the fiddly bit small parts of a larger scale model. Now my suggestion for the trembling hands is to mix three fingers of scotch with three fingers of milk heat in a micro wave for 45 seconds then drink it in one shot, I’ll warn you that this “cure” is not always effective but after downing this elixir you won’t give a dam.

    Jim Nunn
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    The link to Alvin's Leopard is also in the spacestation42 links.

    There is an issue about rescaling AFV models I thought I'd better raise.
    There are limits to how far the small scale kits can be resized before
    the structural integrity of the model becomes a problem. There have been
    threads in this forum(forums/forae) about structural problems with even
    quite highly regarded comercial models. The problem is that an AFV model
    is basically a box with the modelled suspension elements stuck onto the
    lower edge of the box. This can cause problems with the sides of the box
    deforming with the weight of the model. In small scales this isn't a problem
    but once you're up to 1/35 or larger the rigidity of a card box isn't sufficent.

    Tradiitionally this has been handled by building an internal frame of 1 or 2 mm
    card to give the hull model sufficent rigiidity. Usually small scale models don't need a frame and don't have one.

    Jim's recipe for trembling fingers reminds me of a T-shirt slogan I saw a few weeks ago - "Drink until she looks cute".


  8. gchucky

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    I forget the site that had the unfinished M3, Panzer 4, and Panther G. It did have a Panther A but no instructions. The models are also comparable to the M5A1 with lots of details.
  9. charliec

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    I'd forgotten about the Panther - it was on a site called Tanks2Scale but
    this turned into a wiki and then seemed to be sold and the cardmodels vanished.
    However I did download the files for the Panther A including the instructions before it disappeared - contact me if you want a copy.

    As you said the M3, Panzer IV and Panther G were unfinished - there's probably
    enough of the Panzer IV to finish the design if you like a challenge.


  10. gman95687

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    large tanks

    Such great advice and help! Thanks to everyone. I will have to try the enlarging process and especially the Scotch & milk elixir! I am having surgury on my spinal column in 9 days so I will have more than enough time to sit and work on some of these tank models from the links that were provided!
  11. Rick Thomson

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    Warm Scotch and milk Philistine you...

    Note to self...don't offer Jim Nunn a Talisker.... <g>

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