Lake Terminal RR. 66’ gondola of 1899

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    thanks for your compliments of my modeling jobs and descriptions.
    The "barrel car" is an old time box car; look here in forum for B&O box car of 1867.
    And all ok with sent pics.

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    Yet a note to model weight.

    Pat, you are right, I did not add a weight to body or frame because I will like to get models very close to the original cars.
    The only way could be a lead weight in full length and whole wide mounted under the floor boards. This would need a reduced high of intermediate sills. However I did not do this because I planned a very fine under body detailing so that this would be a disaccord in my eyes. Because the original cars were built for transport of rails – in specific these were street car girder rails – so also the future rail load of models must give the needed weights after NMRA standards.
    I think that this is the best way without each compromise. Ok, the cars can not run without these loads however I do not see this as a handicap.

    Last weekend I was guest on the yearly US group meeting of FREMO (FRiends of European MOdel railroads) in Unna/Germany and I have had a good occasion to run my models on a modular layout for a first time.
    Click on movie picture and let run a short gondola train.


    I think that you can see with a second run that the first, fourth and fifth cars are the aged models with the arched up body while cars no. 2 and 3 are the new models with a straightened body.

    Those were three really nice days together with friends of same interest.

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    amazing work bernhard :thumb: i can just say wow! its just amazing what you can do with your hands.--josh
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    Wow, Bernhard. You don't really get a prespective on how long those cars are until you see them in a train with a locomotive and caboose to see their length relative to other equipment. I didn't realize freight cars were so long in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Those models are awesome!
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    It's nice to see them running. They're impressive already. I thought the exact same thing as Russ about the length. Somehow laying by themselves they didn't seem like they'd be as long as the loco and tender. They're going to be something to see loaded up.

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    Russ, Jason,

    these cars were really extraordinary long in that time! Around 1900 the standard wood car have had a length of 36’ and many cars built in last 10 years ago were shorter yet. There will be a big difference in length and these gondolas were a big exception in a train of that time.
    I think that with next occasion I can run such a mixed trains of 1900 era however these models should be finished before.

    Thanks all also to your friendly comments again.


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