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  1. CNWman

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    Hey guys:wave:
    I recently bought a Bowser 100-ton 3-bay hopper painted for the L&N. What was odd to me though, was that it was mainly orange all over. Further inquiry and research has only told me that the L&N aparently ran unit coal trains with just those orange hoppers. What I can't find is any actual prototypical evidence that these bright orange cars actually existed. Can anyone tell me some more info on these cars? I'd greatly apriciate it:thumb:
  2. nkp174

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    I'd check with the RR department manager at Johnny's in Latonia...he's an L&N buff.

    Being that it is a Bowser item, I'd be very surprised if it isn't accurate. They have an excellent attention to such details.
  3. railohio

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    Orange L&N hoppers mean they were used in dedicated unit train service.
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    I had read about them being used in dedicted unit train service, these were what the L&N used for their very first unit trains...before that they charged for each car... I'm not sure of the dates though, I'm guessing late 60s early70s? Would be interesting to find out..
  5. CNWman

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    Thanks for the info guys!:thumb: I can't believe that finding pictures of these cars is so hard, though, if they were some of the first unit coal cars:confused:
  6. railohio

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    There are photos of them in service in both Louisville & Nashville in the Appalachians by Flanary, McKee, and Oroszi (Old Line Graphics, 1990) and in Dixie Lines the Louisville & Nashville Railroad by Flanary and Oroszi (Hundman, 2003).

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