Kitbash a Bachmann lt. mountain

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Wiredup, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Some will remember my first post here asking if there were an CN streamlined N scale Mountain loco's based on the CNR 6060 Bullet Nosed Betty. Well, none does exisist in non-brass of course, but I still want one on my layout, so I'm going to try a kitbash.

    I got a Bachmann lt. Mountain 4-8-2 Spectrum un-numbered off of Ebay, and a Vandy Tender coming from NScale Supply (as well as a RDC1 CN) I got a digitrax decoder I plan on installing as well, and thought that as I'm installing the decoder, what better time than to modify the loco.

    So I gotta paint the front of the boiler (still pretty green for specific terms) but might paint the whole boiler so I got a matching black. Then repaint the trim, easy enough. But the details I gotta add have got me a bit stumped so I'm asking for help and opinions.

    For the side skirts I'm plan on using thin plastic... I found that blister packs for electronics (like those universal remote controls for example) are just the thickness I need. I'll use the same plastic to make some modifications to the front of the loco where there's a small grille and what I can only describe as a licence plate.

    For the 'bullet nose' I plan on using some putty to make a plaster cast that I can melt some plastic into to make the face.... or is there a better way to do it? I want to make it (this is probably way outa my skill level) so that the number markers on either side of the headlamp glow as well... so I think I'll have to remove the whole front of the boiler and just have the LED inside and then use some plastic inside whatever I use to make the bullet.

    I also need to find some CNR decals... but I haven't even looked for those yet. I plan on making my own decals for the 6060 'licence plate' and the gold trim/numbering along the running boards using some clear sticker paper and a high quality printer my dad has.

    After all that (which isn't much really....) I should have a pretty good lookin kitbashed 6060 loco. I'm pretty skilled with minature models for paint and detailing...but never made my own peices before so any help would be awesome.

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