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    Start Date: 1/2015
    Designed by: Kumon (Publishing?)
    Pages: 27 (Parts)
    Why: Making a set

    Scissors and an X-ACTO knife if needed
    Metal wire (from clothes hanger) for holding down glued flaps inside the model
    Epson R320 Printer / Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner

    Craft Book
    Elmer's Craft-Bond Paper Craft Glue Gel
    Kodak Photo Paper (kinda glossy - the cheap thin one - good for buttons)

    Project 3 of three from the retail books. See the Godzilla! post for more details.
    (This was a purchased book so I'm afraid I can't legally provide copies - sorry.)

    The pages have been cut and will be scanned. Like the Godzilla model I will "auto-fixe" the images to make them more vibrant. Since this is a set, I will continue to use the same glossy paper so they all have the same look - but next time a combination of glossy/matte paper may be better. They should be in "scale" to each other.

    P1120388001.jpg P1120389002.jpg P1120390003.jpg P1120391004.jpg

  2. zathros

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    No Problem. Everyone knows here sharing scans is a "No-No' . What you doing seems like fun. We look forward to the finished models!! :)
  3. Revell-Fan

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    Pow-Yow!!!!! This is gonna be AMAZING!!!! The King is literally the king among these kits. I have seen some pics of the model which made me think .... Does it come in a Golden metallic finish?

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Golden metallic finish? Nope - the original is just non-glossy paper. I carefully scanned, enhanced and printed all 27 pages and was happy that it did not take long as I had "experience" doing the process with Godzilla and Mothra :Coffee:. It did not click until just now..."Golden" - as in gold - as in at least yellow... Arrrrgh! :banghead: Did not pay attention - and since 27 pages have already been printed - looks like my Ghidrah is going to be more green than yellow. Well, that just makes the model unique - its not easy being green...:rolleyes: (hey they are scans after all- its all practice!:D)
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  5. blake7

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    Wow! Your King Ghidorah looks more realistic than the one I downloaded, but then again so does your Mothra. I love the old Japan monster sci-fi movies even if they look low budget. I am keeping an eye on this thread. Sorry I didn't post on your Mothra thread. Have you seen these models? The Mechagodzilla looks great. At least I think it does.

    2015-01-20_2301.png 2015-01-20_2302.png 2015-01-20_2302_001.png
  6. Cforrest900

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    there are more models than just those 3:
    lineup_godz_pic5_l.jpg lineup_godz_pic1_l.jpg
  7. blake7

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    I know cforrest900. I have all of them. I just think Davestar's look more like the movie monsters, and I didn't know if he knew about these models.
  8. Revell-Fan

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    So my eyes were fooled by the web pics! :) Well, the King could have encountered some space phenomena or Mothra's wing dust which caused his skin to turn green. ;)
  9. zathros

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    I oved these movies, stil do. The models they built, the whole cities, for some guy in a rubber suit to destroy, is what got me into modeling. What a job! "O.K. You go, put rubber suit on, make growling noise, we dub over that, smash city, kick cars, make it look like some purpose, we tell you which way to go, fall down a lot." Don't forget to pick up big special scale train that probably cost $20K to make, and break i half! What a job of the century! A lot of those buildings had interiors! :)
  10. Revell-Fan

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    Indeed! There was a documentary on German TV in which many of the stunt people were interviewed. They explained it was almost completely up to them how they did the action scenes. There was only a note in the script telling "Godzilla battles King Ghidorah", nothing specific unless it was relevant for the story. On more than one occasion the rubber suits caught fire - and the stunt men were wearing nothing more than a piece of underwear because it was so damned hot in those suits..! A lot of suits were destroyed in one movie, however, in some cases they salvaged certain parts and made "Hybrid Godzis" consisting of e. g. a set of arms from a previous movie and a newly made head. :)
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    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Hi blake7, yes I have seen those and plan to build them too. The ones I am doing currently are from purchased "books". Thanks for viewing.
    Revel-Fan, green space dust - yes that's the ticket - or its very dark and it just looks green or its an old TV and the hues are all wrong and green tinted...turn the knob in the back of the set!
    Toho monster movie history - there is a lot of it to go through! Love to see all the buildings done in paper craft - they would burn all right - just not fall apart or crack...
  12. RonaldoM

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    These monsters were the first science fiction film I've seen in the movies. They are great and i love to see these buildings

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Thanks RonaldoM, these have always been my favorites!

    So I built the first head and well lets just say it - that's too green! :meh:
    In the image you can see the original parts on the left and the scanned parts on the right.
    The image is of course a little off from the real thing - but you get the idea.


    So to make Ghidrah even more expensive, I've worked with the color/lightness and re-printed the 27 pages (ouch!). Well almost all of the pages - ran out of ink and almost out of paper too... waiting on my order...:rolleyes:
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  14. Revell-Fan

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    These kaijus are hungry as they grow. First they eat all your paper and ink, then comes the rest of your house, and then everyone in your town is running and screaming..! :D

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Save the glue and scissors - we can re-build!

    Ok here's the first head in the modified color. You'll notice the top horns on the new one on the right are slightly down and the mouth is open wider - same head pattern so I'm sure I did something wrong...but that will make the model more unique..:rolleyes:

    Off to see the super bowl commercials...
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    DAVESTAR Active Member

    What if...
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  17. Revell-Fan

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    MEGA-LOL!!! :D:D:D
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  18. DanBKing

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    Coming along nicely. Takes me back to my build of the Frost Dragon...:)

    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Wow - looked up Frost Dragon - That's a great looking dragon! Thanks DanBKing!
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    Uno, Dos, Tres or More, Larry and Curly...


    All three appear to be the same pattern so differences are my positioning or mis-positioning of the parts...:rolleyes:

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