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    I haven't had time to post in a long time but made sure that I would get this posted as soon as I could. I wasn't able to get any pictureswall1 but now after I saw I started taking my camera to work everyday. KCS rolled out 3 brand new 3 bay smooth side ACF hopper's in the bussiness train scheme.:twisted: They are solid black with silver top's and the KCS "stop sign" herold in the old orange and yellow like what was on the "gost" unit's. Very neat looking car's. All 3 where back to back in mid train but I'm not sure if the train was grain or not but I have a feeling it was because it was all hopper's being pulled by a local into town. Keep your eye's peeled because I would love some pictures of these car's and their number's. Have a good one guy's!:wave:
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    WOW, Brakie, those look like freight cars done up in a passenger scheme!
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    They have a number of these, going with the new Southern Belle colors on locomotives.
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    Beautiful car's. I didn't get to see them for long except about 30 seconds moving around 45-50mph plus I was running my mower on the job so I had to pay attention to what I was doing to so I didn't tear anything up. Is there a side shot looking right at the car?
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    Sorry,I missed your question.:oops:

    This may help you.You will need to scroll down.

    RailcarPhotos.com - Search Photos
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    Dude them are some sharp looking cars.

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