Kato-new Heavy Mikado

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by mrgooch, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. mrgooch

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    My new Kato Heavy Mikado. Anyone want to compare notes.

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  2. kettlestack

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    Great photo mrgooch! Your scenery looks super. Can't wait to see more pics from you.

    The only Mikado's I have are two Rivarossi N gauge ones. From what I've heard of the Kato beastie I guess mine don't compare.

    Keep the photos coming.

  3. mrgooch

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    Hello Kettlestack

    I have another image in the General forum. This n scale is totally new to me. I had HO 35 years ago. I have almost finished the Woodlands Scenic Ridge layout. It made it easy for me as I liked the size and it is very light weight and portable. The Mikado runs great I have nothing to compare it with but since adding the traction tires [ a must ] I can finally make it up the steep grade in the Ridge.
  4. mrgooch

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    Here is another view of 'Ridge'. I added a lake on the left side of the layout and a dairy farm on the right side.
  5. mrgooch

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    Top View of Lake

    Here is another view of the lake from above. Yes there are two canoes available for use. That is a Life Like SD-7 making it's test run. It was only able to pull 7 cars up hill before the wheels began to slip.

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