Kato E8/9 Pilot coupler conversion

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Herc Driver, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Herc Driver

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    Finally got around to it...I just followed the directions on the Kato website to modify the pilot coupler of the E8/9 to a longer shank (provided by Kato). Works like a champ so far. That extra few millimeters of shank allows the usual tail-to-tail running of the diesels. When I would run them without this longer shank, the first turn would derail the lead passenger car since the pilot coupler couldn't swing as far left or right as needed. For those who haven't modified their E8/9's...look for the extra coupler buried in the packing of the clear plastic box (I just discovered mine today after owning the things for months now...call me Mr. Observant). Follow the directions located on the Kato website and make sure you have two tweezers handy to hold the tiny and almost weightless parts. Expect to drop all the parts used at least three times. But keep at it cause it's worth it. Pictures to follow soon!:thumb:
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    Kato E8/9 coupler conversion picture

    Finally figured out how to get a close up that's not shaky and in focus...it shows the extra shank length of the coupler conversion that allows the Kato E units to be run end-to-end.

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    One more of the lead diesel

    Just pulling into the station...(but I'll mention to the engineer that his lights are off).

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  4. zachary

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    exccelent gob where did you get those i have been looking e units for a long time thanks
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    Those E8/9 paired units had been sitting in my LHS for well over a year. They were at a good price...and finally I caved in and bought them. I'd like another set of diesels too...but am not willing to shell out the coin yet. You may be able to still find them at Brooklyn Loco...blwnscale.com is their web address. I haven't called about those units, but I think they're still advertising them. Precision is soon to release some E-units but I don't remember seeing them in Southern. I also remember seeing a notice that Intermountain (I think??) will be releasing some F7's in Southern...check out nscalesupply.com and click on the Latest News section - scroll down a couple of days ago for the listing. If you can't find it...let me know and I'll do some digging.
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    Great photo's, HERC... I'd say that you've got those close up's "nailed".....


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