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  1. cadwal

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    Model: Queen Mary 2
    Scale: 1:400
    Publisher: JSC 77 - 9/2004
    Designer: Bartosz Czolczynski, History: Katarzyna Czolczynska, Photos: Andrew Cooke

    Queen Mary 2 is Cunard's (now a Carnival subsidiary) latest true ocean liner. It is also the largest such ship ever built at a length of 345 m. Uses pod mounted electric drives instead of the oldfashioned "direct-drive" shaft connected propellers. Unfortunately the model is a waterline version so this is not visible on the finished model.

    This model is the latest in JSC:s "Mikroflota" series of 1:400 scale ships. Having watched the documentary on the "real" build process on Discovery this was sort of a "must buy" item for me.

    The model comes in JSC:s usual A4-format and consist of 2310 pieces over 29 pages. Cardstock varies from thin (lifeboats and such things) via normal JSC-thickness (most items) to twice that (some formers, hull sides and decks). As an alternative to photo-etching, two of the 29 pages are plastic foil containing railings and such things.

    Printing quality seems excellent all over. Black is really black with no visible color shifts. The deck planking lacks the pretty (but perhaps not accurate?) coloring of recent GPM models, but in 1:400 scale that would probably be asking to much.

    Building instructions are provided in polish, german, english and dutch. There is also 4 pages of drawings, both JSC:s normal side and top views as well as true 3D-drawings of the complete former layout and many of the smaller subassemblies. The former construction looks complex and not quite like anything else I have seen.

    Front and back of cover is pictures of the real QM 2, not of the completed model. Those are available at http://www.jsc.pl/en/model.php?nr=077&lang=en&page=0

    There is also a small Star Wars flashback. On the final drawings page there is a "Special thanks" to Christopher@Marcle with complete contact details. The photographers name suggest at least part of the connection :)
  2. Jim Krauzlis

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    Nice write up, my friend! :D

    Are you planning on building her soon? I got my copy delivered last week from Lighthouse Model Art, love their quick service, and I was similarly impressed with this kit. I was pleasantly surprised with the addition of the clear railing parts, which should provide a superb effect when installed.

    If you do build her I hope you will consider posting a thread on it. :wink:

    This should make an extraordinary model even at 1:400 scale.

    Another addition to my "to be built" list. :lol:

  3. cadwal

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    Well, "soon" is one of those words I tend to avoid whenever possible. There are a few other models ahead of this in the queue and with the speed of my builds I am afraid it will be some time before this one comes up.

    I don't doubt you will manage to get to it long before I do :wink:
  4. cadwal

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    According to Christopher himself in his latest "Cutting remarks", the name similarity is purely coincidental. So that was an incorrect conclusion.
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    I ordered Queen Mary II yesterday.


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