JSC-Gdansk, ELBE HIGHWAY is it a good card model?

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by hasse neren, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. hasse neren

    hasse neren New Member

    Hello from Sweden, new member with new question.
    I´m normally building ship models in plastic of the merchant fleet. In scales from 1/350 to 1/550. In this scales there are not much to choice from. Think´s about to do the JSC-Gdansk´s ELBE HIGHWAY,MARY ARTICA and WILLIFT EAGLE in 1/400 scale. I have some questions and need your help,
    1:have somebody build this card models?
    2:are they good?
    3:any pictures or ref. somewhere to find?
    4:are there some more 1/400 scale card models to find that are not JSC-Gdansk?
    5:can i bye them in Sweden?
    Regards Hasse.
  2. korvette

    korvette Member

    Hi Hasse,

    let me give you one simple answer: YES !


    1) If there is no building thread about the Mary Arctica, you can find two of them in the german forum www.kartonbau.de. You can post there in english, too.
    Elbe Highway diorama was a highlight this year in Bremerhaven at the international cardmodels convention. Very nice, but difficult model. The Willift Eagle is brandnew. I´m waiting for my copy.

    2) I´m a true fan of JSC 1:400 card models. Especially the new ones are realy good constructions. And yes of course, they are good. The Mary Arctica is more simple than the others. A good starting model. I can recommend it strongly.

    3) At www.kartonbau.de galery section and on www.kartonmodellbau.net, also gallery section.

    4) www.jsc.pl - meanwhile 90 models of 1:400 scale models available. And I know Nr. 91, but it´s a secret. Maybe building Willift Eagle with full hull. Could be usefull...:wink:

    5) Sure ! You can buy them direct from JSC or GPM (www.gpm.pl) or moduni (www.moduni.de). From our scandinavian members we know, that there are no recources in Sweden.

    That´s all for now.


  3. hasse neren

    hasse neren New Member

    Thank´s korvette, for this great reply to my questions.
    I will look at the reference links you so kindly show me.
    Regards Hasse.
  4. scharnhorststeel

    scharnhorststeel New Member

    Elbe Highway

    You teaser you! :) If it's anything like the welcomed surprises from JSC lately, 091 will be a gem.

    Hasse Neren:
    Incidentally, the Elbe Highway comes with transparencies for the railings. This is a nice touch for those not going the photoetched or scratchbuilt (hardcore!) route.

    Korvette is right on. The later releases by JSC are great. Digital graphics means crisp lines and excellent colour depth and registry. Mary Arctica is a great introduction to the line.

    The ones that I think are a super bang-for-the-buck are:

    076 IJN Zuiho
    081 Basto III
    072 Gneisenau (2 complete models - 4 versions... oh yes!)
    021 Mauretania (4 versions including Troopship and Hospital Ship)

    On the Mauretania, make sure you are getting the new release (it will have the red banner on the cover.) The old one is non-digital, a single version, and no where near modern standards.)

    In nearly all cases, the "Red Banner" on the cover is an indication of a newer digital release. There are exceptions (031 Z-10 and T-24), but most all are really good.
  5. hasse neren

    hasse neren New Member

    Hi scharnhorststeel,
    thank´s for your reply and information about the ELBE HIGHWAY.
    Now i´m curious to "korvette", what´s about nr.91 realese? a dry dock? or?
    Kind regards Hasse.
  6. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, scharnhorststeel:

    Is that new Maurentania model actually four complete models, or do you choose which of the four configurations to build, but you get only one ship?

    I agree, you are a tease, Korvette...me thinks you already know what No. 91 is...:wink:

    I'm still waiting for a local supplier to get the WILLIFT EAGLE in stock so I can order it....:cry: I could order from Monduni, it's just that the shipping costs can be pretty high compared to a local supplier in North America...but I might have to reconsider.

  7. scharnhorststeel

    scharnhorststeel New Member


    I was looking at it last night. I seems that you get 1 set of internal structural framing and four different (and very colourful) skins. The colour schemes involve the funnels so there should be at least three sets of funnels.

    I'll check again when I get home, but I think you only get -one- set of decks.
    The life boats are probably shared between the Auxiliary Cruiser, Liner, and Hospital ship version too. The Troopship gets the dazzle mulit-grey lifeboats if I recall.

    To build more than one Mauretania, it shouldn't be too much of a challenge (famous last words...) to replicate the internal pieces. Of course, the decks will have to be scanned if only 1 set is provided. The lifeboats may require scanning too.

    If you don't already have it, the JSC-072 Gneisenau kit will yield two complete kits (out of four possible choices - albeit one is the sunken block-ship version... so it's really 3-1/3 ships ;) )

    Speaking of optional parts... JSC-073 HMS Sirius comes with both a bleached natural wood deck as well as a deck-blue painted one.

  8. korvette

    korvette Member

    Hi Jim and others,

    you will have one Mauretania Model with each kit. You have to choose which one to build of the four options. And please - do not scan. The models aren´t to expensive to buy four of them. You can order them at www.jsc.pl


  9. scharnhorststeel

    scharnhorststeel New Member

    JSC New Releases!

    Check out www.jsc.pl today for -NEW- 1:400 kits...

    JSC-091 HMS Renown
    JSC-092 Drydock Ostrow II

    Wow! :)
  10. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Cool! They both look good!
    I really like the paint job on the Renown! I might have to go ahead and get that one!
    Thanks for the link scharnhorststeel!:grin:

  11. hasse neren

    hasse neren New Member

    Hi Scharnhorststeel and Amazyah, Funny then my quess where right. The drydock in 1/400 scale is great even for my plastic models.
  12. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    It seems JSC now also offers the WILLIFT EAGLE and the drydock as a two model set!
    A pretty good deal at 9 Euros (comes out to about $11 for both models as a set; it's about $13.00 if purchased separately)

    I am having trouble ordering direct from JSC's webpage....it won't let me choose the destination and when I click on the type of shipping method it pops up to the mailing services webpages. It just won't take my shipping selection and gives me an error message if I click to place the order. I can log in successfully, so that's not a problem, it just won't let me insert the shipping info. Is the webpage limited to local/European deliveries?

    Anyone who can help me in placing an order would be appreciated. I sent an email to JSC and am currently awaiting their reply to see if they can give me an idea on how to place the order. I suspect it will have to be done by email, but time will tell.


    Update: Jan 7 2007

    Well, to update I just placed my order through GPM, and it seems to have gone through...guess the proof is when it arrives.
    Sure wish someone more local carried these kits but after checking the usual suppliers one more time, it was clear none carry the kits yet.
    If anyone has a better idea for the future I would love to hear of it.
  13. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Just a further update: the models I ordered arrived today from GPM...in just over a week from placing the order! To say the least, I was very pleasantly surprised with how quickly they processed and sent the order.:grin:

    I received the new WILLIFT EAGLE, No. 90, the even newer OSTROW II, No. 92 and the re-issued MAURETANIA, No. 21, with the four (count them, 4!) versions to choose from (for her configurations in 1909, 1914, 1915 and 1918).

    I continue to be very delighted with the clarity and crispness of the print JSC has developed in their printed models as of late. Althought there are no transparent sheets for railings, as in some of their later offerings, that's okay with me. I promise when I build each of these new kits there will at least be a thread showing the finished model, if not a build thread...time will tell.

    Next time around I will try and order direct from JSC and see how their internet ordering set up compares...this one was really a very good experience for me.

  14. scharnhorststeel

    scharnhorststeel New Member

    I'm green with envy and can't wait to see a build thread for any of the three. That Mauretania is a beauty. I can't recommend it enough.

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