Jordan styrene HO vehicle kits, anybody?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Chaparral, Aug 19, 2009.

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  2. Mountain Man

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    I wish I could! Do they come in N-scale? :mrgreen:
  3. Chaparral

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    Nope, just HO.
  4. Mountain Man

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  5. Bill Nelson

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    the best detail

    You can't beet Jordain miniatures for detail. Their HO scale model T's have transmission petals, parts so tiny it is hard to see them, much less glue them in place. the spokes on the wheels are so close to scale, I swear you can look at them hard and break them. the sell model T wheels separately, and it is a good thing.

    If you model before the 30's , Jordan Miniatures used to be about the only really fine inexpensive models out there.

    Their Marion steam shovel is a marvel, I haven't built mine yet, but it is awesome. they make wagons, a stage coach, stuff you really need if you model before the twenties, and stuff that looks good parked around a farm way off into later periods.

    Check them out, as I said the detail is unmatched.

    the T model is a Jordam model. the flatbed chain drive mack is a Jordan model with a bad pait job ( the styrine crazed) and the tank truck is an inferior product from Con-Cor.

    Bill Nelson

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  6. Bill Nelson

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    the vehicles need a good dusting
  7. Chaparral

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    That's patina.
    Folks up on the hill pay plenty for patina.

    I gave up N because of small pieces and here I am ordering 5 Jordans.hamr

    They have a Mack Rail Bus coming in Sept.
  8. Mountain Man

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    So is what we used to call "rust". :mrgreen:
  9. krokodil

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    I did. I have several models - some of them are over decades old. They are very well detailed. I have some new models (purchased 1-2 years ago) and are waiting for assembly.
    (Steam showel, crane and some other trucks...)

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