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    Have been spending a lot of time the past several days at the two G&D sites available learning a lot about the guy I admired so much. If any of you haven't seen these sites, you should.

    One of the things that really impressed me was the amouint of misinformation that surrounded John's death and the fire that destroyed his famous layout. i got all the misinformation I had put to rest by the wonderful guys running the site. Another thing that was of interest was some closeup pics of John's construction techniques. I abandoned the use of screen and plaster two layouts ago in favor of corrugated cardboard strips. I thought a .lot of that was my own original idea until I saw a shot of what I believe was the beginning of John's first layout expansion...and lo and behold there's John Allen using the same method. I use the strips covered with 2" wide masking tape over then several types of plaster. I just gave myself two MRR IQ points upon seeing that John was the real inventor of that technique.

    We're never too old to learn.

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    Could you share those two links you found?

    Thanks! :D

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