JMRI decoderpro and digitrax MS100 serial cable

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by cwclark, Dec 6, 2006.

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    I am new here and this is my first experience with DCC. I purchased the Digitrax Super Chief 8A R for my HO layout which came UPS last week from tony's train exchange and have'nt even got one locomotive running yet. (Decoders are in 5 of the locomotives so I haven't been a total slouch.) I have a question about JMRI's decoderpro and maybe one of you computer geniuses can help me out.
    A friend gave me a somewhat old computer (it's not that old because it does have a USB port and runs windows XP.) I ordered the MS100 serial cable but i'm afraid to connect it because the fear of the unknown is starting to make me real aprehensive to do so.
    What i want to do is download JMRI's decoderpro from the internet on the computer in the house to a flash card and then take the flash card out to the old computer in the train room and load it to the computer there. I've never used a flash card before so will this work?
    Another question i have is: Will i have any trouble setting up the serial port and how would i go about doing this and connecting decoderpro thru loconet without too much hassle. (There can be some hassle but the hassle i'm talking about is jumpering wires across pins or accessory power supplies..stuff like that)
    Your help will be greatly appreciated!...chuck:)
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    Im pretty sure you can transfer it from one computer to the other. Im assuming when you say flash card, you are using a USB flash drive. When downloading JMRI it gives you an option to save or run it. Save it first to the hard drive and then run the instalation from your hard drive. That way all you have to do is to move the file you downloaded to the other computer and run the instalation as you did on the first computer. As for the MS100 and the loconet, it found mine and worked like a charm. There is instalation instructions you can download too and they work perfect.

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