Jerk Water R.R.

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    As some of you know I do all of my father in laws painting. Which at time is no easy task. As most of the time he'll just hand me a car and tell me to paint her up. Now normaly this wouldn't be too hard a task but his RR is a fictious one.
    The name he has is " The Jerk Water". Which is neat I thouhgt as you steamers know that when the tender was low on water they'd stop at the next river and form a bucket brigade to fill it back up.
    A few christmas's back I had to pick his brain about this RR as I knew nothing about it.

    Me: What era ya doing?
    Ray: I don't know yet
    Me: Steam or deisel?
    Ray: Aint sure yet
    Me: Whats the colors of your RR?
    Ray: ?????
    Me: ?????

    Well as luck would have it we went to a train show and we got him a IHC Consolidation 2-8-0 .Nice looking too, It had New Haven acrossed the tender. Not a big deal.

    Me: You want me to paint her up for the Jerk Water?
    Ray::D :D :D
    Me: ??????

    Well I was on my own now. So for easter I desided to paint him up a box car. Now as I said I didn't have any thing to go by so I winged it. I did alright I think, He liked it.

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    Well since then I've done up a few more. I'll post them when I get pictures of them this week. But the latest that I just completed is the MOW set by Walthers.

    Ray: Here's something to do while your back heals up, You can get this biult up and painted.
    Me: OK what do you want for color?
    Ray: ??????
    Me: ??????

    Here I was alone again. So I thought this would be great to do as HO is easier than N to work on. (No offense)

    So after six days of almost not so steady work here's the set.

    I'll start with the caboose

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  3. RI541

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    Here's the box car

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  4. RI541

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    flat car

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    the gondala

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    the crane tender

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    now this crane almost didn't make it. It almost ended up in a pile next to the wood stove.

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    Well thats it for now. When I get over to his house I'll get some more pictures of the other cars I've done for him, Even the other 2-8-0 that I painted up.
  9. Drew1125

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    Very nice work, Shane!
    That's some great looking rolling stock!
    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

    (I especially like that way car/caboose!):cool:
  10. jon-monon

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    Fellow Gondo basher, now we have something in common! We should come up with a secret handshake! I've got 6 or 8 more gondos and a lota butain (sp?). I should do more soon. Such fun.
  11. Tyson Rayles

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    Excellent work Shane! :cool: Love the gon. :)
  12. shamus

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    Hi Shane, love the photo's, I like that caboose best of all.

  13. Really nice, Shane.:)

    You did a great job with the paint, the weathering, and the lettering. Way to go!;)
  14. Railery

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    Nice work Shane. i like the crane most of all. :D i think i'm gonna have to get some helpers for my layout. :)
  15. RI541

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    Thanks guys,

    If I had the room I'd probly do more in HO scale. But I have to wait till the daughters move out. But then I'd probly stick with N-Scale since I have so much of it.:) :) :)

    Modeling is realy great therapy, Much more so than the phyical therapy.Since my surgery this is about the only thing I've been able to do that made me feel good. The wife is right about one thing, When I sit down with a model time for me just drifts by. well actualy she said something like a jet airplane or what ever I wasn't paying much attention.:) :D :) :D

    I have some caboose chimneys but danmed if I can find them, You know how that goes,when you need something you can't find it. I'll find them some time when I don't need them.:( :( :)

    I was using the sodering tip on my butane torch to do the melting, but had a lot more fun.... I mean better results with just the torch. Be quick or be melted goo:D :D :D
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    Nice work Shane, I think they would look good together in a train!!Take a shot of them all together!!

  17. RI541

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    Well I finaly got over to my father in laws and took some pictures of the rest of the rolling stock an loco.

    This is another box car

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    Ray does maple syrup in the sping,well we call sugaring here, He does this with a fellow named David Holmes. So heres the Holmes car:

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    Rays last name is Nye, And when he was on leave from the Navy he'd ride the milk train home, so you'll under stand this next picture:

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    the last three pictures were before I got into weathing, so the next few are weathered:

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