It's Monday 3-13-05, Weekend modeling accomplishments

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Glen Haasdyk, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    Well I managed to get up first this morning it seems so I'll start us off.
    Of Saturday I cycled to our industrial area to take pictures of an old GP-20 that is being scraped by a local scrap metal dealer. it has it's long hood off but the cab is still intact so I have pics of the prime mover on top of the frame.
    Any tother modeling or train- time was taken up by building construction. I weathered and added the window glass (52 peices) to my warehouse on saturday evening and on Sunday I assembled the walls. The building was bigger than I had first figured it was going to be since now it's as tal as my gantry crane on the harbour! I also started to re-paint one of the club buildings that I'm going to add an interior to.
  2. revandy

    revandy Member

    Rip, rip, rip, I just about got all the old track ripped out, now I'm in the process of cleaning and trying to save the bulk of the turnouts. Removed all the wiring under the existing benchwork. Went to Lowe's picked up materials for the rebuilding of the benchwork.
    Rev. Andy
  3. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    We had a busy weekend. Several sport seasons are wrapping up and Little League is beginning. My son had his last indoor soccer game, and my daughter had a basketball scrimmage. She couldn’t play in her regular game on Sunday because we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters. The Globetrotters put on one heck of a show and it was enjoyed by all of us. We also had to do the obligatory grocery shopping.

    As far as modeling goes I was able to accomplish a few things on the Passenger Station Diorama. I got the ground shaped and smoothed out. I also got the trolley bridge pier colored and installed. I painted the ground and stream bed.

    Here is a picture of the bridges temporarily in place before the ground was painted.


    And here is one with the ground painted.

  4. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    I made some progress on the turntable project.

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  5. trains1972

    trains1972 Member

    I was able to get 80 pieces of flex track put down on my layout. I put pictures of it under the photograph section under unusuall layout. I added another 3 1/2 levels to the layout. My oldest son did some work with the scenery. He started putting in retaining walls concrete made from ceiling tiles. He also did some more painting of the sky.
    Here are some pictures the rest in under the layout I have posted.
  6. Livesteam

    Livesteam Member

    trains1972........Is that G scale? I took apart some of the N scale layout and will finsh soon takeing all the track down to rebuild it
  7. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    I'm still working on a couple of rolling stock kitbashes, & I started a small diorama this weekend, to try & get some practice making scenery in O scale...something I've never done before...:confused: :eek:
  8. jasbourre

    jasbourre Member

    Yahoo I finally got the track plan I want. After about 1000 sheets of paper and about a dozen pens and pencils. I decided to throw the track in the air and see what fell in what direction.

    Turns out, I was I was reading an old book, and found a track plan that suited my layout space, of 11 by 6. I'll have picks in "Track Planning for the Future" by next weekend.

    Hope everyone has a good week.
  9. Tad

    Tad Member

    Due to school and homework, I didn't get anything accomplished, modeling wise.
  10. trains1972

    trains1972 Member

    It is n scale just a close up picture.
  11. Bikerdad

    Bikerdad Member

    Got one of the two Spectrum N Scale Connies decoderized Friday. Ran it on the Ntrak setup Saturday, kept derailing the pilot. The other previously decoderized Connie (WM) ran fine on the Ntrak, so I gotsta figure out the problem with the AT&SF Connie. Also got to run the California Zephyr, Grande Leg, talked trains most of Saturday and then Sunday.

    All in all, a good weekend except for the gravity storm that afflicted the lead unit of the Zephyr consist, and the disappearance of a single baby Bessey clamp.
  12. I got my branchline blueprint Erie Passenger car together, but It needs some modifications to roll on a 22" radius. I got another probably 8 square feet covered with ground goop and roads traced in the center of town. I'm building my town around the railroad due to lack of planning but, hey I'm sure real people still have to build around things due to lack of planning. That is what the government is for right? Screwing everything up!:confused:

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  13. NYC-BKO

    NYC-BKO Member

    Let's see:

    For what I planned I didn't get too much done. Fri. after work I went a met with a fellow modeler and did some swapping, picked up 7 engines. By the time I got home I had been up 24 hrs so I laid down for a nap and well I was tired-:sleeping: , didn't get up til 2am 12 hrs later, just couldn't get motivated at that time to do any modeling. Did some other things, then finally started the P2K gon, then went through the engines and cleaned/ lubed/tested them. Worked on the gon then engines back and forth. I did manage to get to the LHS Sat. for some parts & a mag, managed to walk out of there w/o a car or engine, whew!
    Besides running all but 2 of the engines that's about it, Sunday am, just finished the gon, the Tichy gon is still sitting in the box, but I did brainstorm some ideas on some covered hopper rebuilds. Days off need to be longer -:thumb:

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!-:wave:
  14. trainwhiz20

    trainwhiz20 Member


    Not too much progress. Work interfered, with my new job and everything.

    However, I did manage to fit a few more sections of the platform for Black River together, painted all the station parts (Walther's City Station) with Floquil Paints (by brush...), and got around to assembling the major wall & window pieces. (No "glass" windows glued yet, I will do that after structure is done and sprayed with Dullcote.)

    Hopefully I will make some progress this week and post pics. :thumb:
  15. ausien

    ausien Active Member

    worked on the granges a bit on saturday, and my FRRR, but I mainly just run trains, next week end the FRRR board meets for running, and "inprovements" not to mention bending the elbow... hope you all had a good one..steve

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