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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by msh, Sep 20, 2002.

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    How's the Zephyr system working out for you? I'm seriously considering one but held off because it was a brand new product and I was going to play the wait and see game.
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    BDC - I'm having 0% problems and 100% enjoyment so far and really like separately controlling locos all over the layout. It will be even better once I finish installing the tortoise turnout motors, allowing full control of trains from the control panel/throttle station. Nothing manual except uncoupling in the yard.

    Learning how to operate it is pretty straight forward and like anything new takes some getting used to. Even my five year old took right to it and was running two trains after only a few minutes of instruction - and guidance. Kids today.

    The display can be a bit cryptic sometimes, but that's usually if I've made a mistake, and it is only so big. The LEDs they chose to use for displaying the text are not highly segmented, thus limiting the output shapes and number of characters, but overall it's clear enough for what it's doing. The buttons have a good solid feel, it's got a real small footprint that allowed me space to put the programming track right next to it. The back has every connection you'll need: track power, 2 outboard DC power packs, programming track and 2 Loconet RJ-12 interfaces.

    As to programming, I've only changed two loco addresses but that was easy as pie. For the more detailed jobs I've already decided I will be buying the Digitrax MS100 PC adapter (under $40 HERE). That will allow me to connect my PC to loconet and, using software for the purpose, be able to program the CVs all at once instead of one at a time. It also keeps inventory and some other miscellaneous information as well. Here's (click me) a link to the software I'm talking about. I've already got it and it's very nice - and FREE!

    That's it really. If this is the level of system you're after, put in your order. You won't regret it.
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    Well, looks like my dream to quit working and build a model railroad empire just got pushed back by another $150+. But at least the Zephyr comes with some of the programming features that kept me from buying some of the more expensive systems.

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