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  1. hello everyone, i have a question..... i have a double main line on my lay out that crosses over a big river. both lines run paralell to each other. i have one curved top cable bridge that is 18" long. i also have two of the atlas steel girder bridges that i plan on useing to cross one of the lines. my question is this..... which bridge should i use in the front that would give the best visual appearence when you walk in the layout room? the curved top chord bridge (18") long, or the two (9") atlas steel girder bridges? im haveing a hard time decideing so any help is appreciated. thanks!:confused:
  2. MasonJar

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    I think this one is up to you.... I would make the more unusual bridge more prominent - the Atlas bridges can be seen everywhere.

  3. Doc Holliday

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    Isn't the curved top cable bridge taller? If so, I'd put it behind the other one since doing it the other way around would tend to hide the plate girder bridge.


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