Is there a way to slow Con-Cor PA's?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by skipgear, May 16, 2005.

  1. skipgear

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    I have been jumping back into N gauge with both feet over the past month or so, accumulating loco's and rolling stock to start a layout this fall. In one of my ebay purchases, which seems like it is just about the only way to get B&O passenger and freight cars anymore, I ended up with a Con-Cor PA/PB set that came with a set of heavyweights. They are both powered, in great shape, and run like champs but it happens to be at about 3 times the speed of my newer loco's. After running a Bachmann Spec 2-8-0, 2-6-6-2, and Lifelike E8/9 AB set, I am spoiled by these new smooth slow running engines.

    Is there a motor retrofit or gearing change available to slow the PA's down? They can pull as much or more as the newer E8's but throttle control is very touchy, even with the max voltage on the controler turned back (MRC tech 4 350). I'm not sure I am ready to convert to DCC to gain flexibility in controling the loco's, especially after seeing the work involved to convert the PA's. I also have some other older loco's that I have grown fond of that are not easily adapatable to DCC.

    Are the newer Kato chassis similar (I am pretty sure Kato made these for ConCor years ago). Could parts from the Kato's be used to update my older loco's?
  2. LIRR

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    Just buy the Concor PA1's, there the bee's knee's
  3. skipgear

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    They are the ConCor PA's. Just older units.

    After comparing them to other loco's I have. They are not as off speed as I thought. They are comparable to the Model Power USRA Pacific and Mikado that I have. It is just that the Bachmanns are geared so much lower than everything else.
  4. LIRR

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    Oop's i meant the new kato units, sorry.
  5. 60103

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    I used to be able to run my PAs at about 3 seconds per tie. This was about 25-30 years ago, the first run, I think.
  6. Dan Vincent

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    I just checked out my two old Con-Cor PA-1's in two-tone ERIE green. They look nice with my six Con-Cor heavy ERIE passenger cars in the same two-tone green.

    One PA-1 sounds like a coffee grinder but the other one is very smooth. It will move about 1 tie in three seconds without fiddling around. It will probably go slower but I don't normally run them that slow.

    The Lifelike PA1's are much smoother but I like these Con-Cor PA-1's in the green ERIE livery.

    Think I'll get some new grease and see if I can quiet down that noisy one.

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