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    Hello, y'all! My name's Denes House, but I go by "CrimsonLine" on the internet most of the time. I'm a husband, father, pastor, and Trekker living in Poughkeepsie, NY.

    I started building plastic models back when I was a kid, but I was never happy with my results, because I had no patience. I gave it up in my early teens.

    About ten years ago, I discovered the computer program Blender, and started building CG models. My most notable contributions to that community were a Buck Rogers Starfighter based on Alan Sinclair's blueprints, and a "Hybrid Enterprise" that was midway between the NX-01 and the original series E. I also built a lot of my own creations. But I got stuck for time, and my involvement in the hobby petered out. I built my last CG model about five years ago.

    Then last year, my 11-year-old son got a Star Trek model kit for his birthday, and the two of us worked together to assemble, paint, and decal it. He lost interest partway through, but I got hooked. The result was a decent-looking 1:2500 Enterprise-C. I then built a Millennium Falcon from the Metal Earth collection, which was a blast. Then I built a three-ship Movie-Era kit from Polar Lights, doing my all-time favorite ship, the Refit Enterprise, along with the Reliant and a K'Tinga.

    For Father's Day, my daughter gave me a 1:1000 NX-01 Enterprise kit from Polar Lights, and I took my time on it. It came out reasonably well, and I immediately wanted to build another, but I was out of discretionary cash. Then I saw somebody post on a Facebook group about having built a paper model, and I remembered seeing a bunch of paper model downloads some time in the past. I did a search, and came across There I found a paper model of my all-time favorite SMALL sci-fi ship, the Buck Rogers Earth Directorate Starfighter, designed by Martin Saenger. I started building it, and so far, so good - it is an elegantly-designed kit. On that site, I connected with Revell-Fan and Rhaven Blaack, who invited me to check out this forum.

    I love science-fiction. I am an experienced amateur comic-book illustrator. I love kayaking, European board gaming, and have recently started playing Star Trek: Attack Wing. I enjoy mowing my lawn, playing with my kids, and getting involved in intense discussions of religion and politics (don't worry, I won't do that here! [​IMG] ). I just visited the Mall of America's Star Trek: The Exhibition in full TOS Command Uniform, which was a blast.

    Thanks for welcoming me here, and I look forward to building with you guys for a while!
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    Welcome to ZEALOT! You come with some god references (the Lord) and Rhaven, and RevelleFan too! Hope you like what you see here. This forum is a bit different than others you may have belonged too. I allow absolutely no fighting or bullying of any sort. We share much here, and are supportive of each other. I do hope you enjoy yourself and please, feel free to posts pictures of what you have made so far. Post them in this thread, it will be a good way to let members know who you are, your interests, etc. Welcome to Zealot! :)
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    Hello and welcome to Zealot.
    I am glad that you decided to take up the invitation and join us!
    There are many members here who are GREATLY into SCI-FI (myself included, as you well know). So I hope that you will feel right at home here.
    By all means, please post your builds here (we even have a place where you can post your plastic models as well).
    If you would like, you can even post your BRTC25 Starfighter (Thunder Fighter) build here as well.

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help or advice, please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction).

    Once again, welcome aboard. I hope that you enjoy yourself here.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work!!!
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    Thanks, zathros and Rhaven. Zathros, you won't have any problems with fighting or bullying from me. :) I'm a sweetheart.
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    Thanks, Marcell! I have been to Germany once, for about 24 hours, in Frankfurt. What a beautiful city, and the people were amazingly helpful and friendly. And the FOOD! Ah!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my Blender Thunderfighter. I loved building it, and spent many, many hours getting it right. Its one drawback is that I didn't know how to texture a 3D model (still don't) and so I only used some procedural textures on it. But a friend converted it to Lightwave (or was it 3Ds Max?) and added textures, which made the model much more usable.

    I have now read through many of your recommended threads - wow, there's some great stuff going on here! Thank you for your kind attention, and the excellent recommendations. I hope to add some threads of my own before too long!

    All the best, Denes
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    Quick question: I'm trying to update my "personal information" but when I type in my personal description, the forum tells me it's been rejected because of inappropriate content or spam-like qualities. Not sure what in my description qualifies as either of those. I typed:

    "I am a Christian, a husband, a father of two, a pastor, an illustrator, a Trekker, a kayaker, a goofball, a board-gamer, an ice cream maven, a philosopher, a theologian, and a seeker of good conversation."

    Also, I tried inputting a signature: "For those who were wondering, my name is spelt "Denes House" but is pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove."" and it was rejected for the same reasons. Is this a glitch of some kind?
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    Oop. Tried it on a different computer, and it worked fine.
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    I am glad that everything is working out fine for you, now!

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