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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SR39, Oct 27, 2007.

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    Would like to hear of any internet vendors that you have had good results with. I have had good response from MB Klein and N Scale Supply. Are there others you would recommend. I had a terrible experience with one in CA and don't want to go through that again.
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    I had good results with Canadian Scale Rail and hobby, and usally can find what I need on Ebay, somtimes i have to be patient

    Prairies meet the Rockies RR (PMR)
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    I've been using MB Klein, a little disapointed this week end though. I made a order monday hoping to be here by friday and that didn't happen. So I went to spend the weekend at my wife's uncles place. Didn't get a darn thing done on my layout. And what a boring weekend. He don't even have internet were I could have been checking out this site. :confused: Oh well, I guess the wife is happy. Glad someone is wall1
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    After my horrible experience with recently (order didn't ship for 3 weeks, turns out my "in-stock" items weren't, and then took another 4 weeks to get my $300 refund), I will no longer order from "wholesalers" such as Internet trains, discount trains, or wholesale trains, etc...

    I'm sticking to either Fifer Hobby or Ebay.
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    I have not had a great experience with Internet Trains either. My order status was stuck in limbo for two weeks (they claim to ship in 7-10 days). I emailed customer service about it. That seemed to move my order along and it shipped out a few days later. I am waiting for it to arrive (in hopefully a day or two).

    I have had much better success with Ebay. I actually ordered an item off of Ebay after placing my internet trains order, and it arrived promptly, I even finished assembling the model while I wait on my IT order.
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    Thanks for your responses

    Thanks guys,

    My bad experience was with Internet Trains. Never again. That is why I was requesting input on your internet buying. Thanks for the input. You are a great bunch.
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    One of the best out there for N scale is Fifer Hobby. Shipment is fast and they have outstanding customer service. On one order, I accidentally clicked on the wrong item and didn't notice my mistake until the order arrived. They took the item back with no questions asked. Their e-mail responses are extremely quick. They are also members of this forum - great people to deal with.
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    I use Feather River Train Shop since this web site advertises how many items are in stock.
    I just hate it when you order stuff online and you never receive it and a phone call turns out they cancel your order since they did not have anything you wanted.

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