Intermountain FT A/B diesels

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Dan Vincent, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Dan Vincent

    Dan Vincent Member

    I have two sets on order from my local dealer in ERIE, whenever Intermountain gets around to making them.

    Do any of you have these FT locos yet and how do they run?

    Overall, how do they compare with similar offerings from Kato, Atlas and Lifelike?
  2. Blake

    Blake Member

    Hey Dan, welcome to the gauge. I just read the post about you getting trains at Smith & Strieble and said to myself "I know this guy". I have seen both the Kato and the IMC FT's. They are both quite nice however, I like the IMC locos better. They have all separate grabs and window glass that is fitted from the outside and is flush. I, as you well know, am wringing my hand waiting for them to come out as well. They will be worth the wait. As much custom painting as I do, getting that "bonnet" on the Erie F's is a total pain in the hind quarters. Well Dan, how do you like the gauge?
  3. Dan Vincent

    Dan Vincent Member

    Hi Blake,

    I found this forum as a result of one of your postings on the Erie board. I can see why you recommend it so highly.

    This is a great site, with much information and some really talented people like you and Shamus, plus an endless list of others.

    I like this type forum because you can get so many opinions and views on almost anything and the site is very active.

    I saw comparison photos of the Intermountain and Microtrains FT diesels and from what I could see, the detail level of the Intermountain offering is superior. I also read somewhere the Microtrains FT runs on 10 VDC and was wondering if it was a misprint. It was easy for me to pick the Intermountain FT because it comes in ERIE. Hope IMC decides to make some other F-series locos in ERIE.
  4. Blake

    Blake Member

    Well Dan, I'm glad you like the gauge. Actually, if Kato would run there F-7's again I'd be happy. That would nearly complete my Erie covered wagon needs. The only other ones that I would want, would be the GE demonstrators. I may try to scratch build of kitbash them. That should be fun!
  5. Dan Vincent

    Dan Vincent Member


    Yup Sir, F-7's from Kato would be sweet...but...I doubt if they would ever consider doing the ERIE black and yellow.

    So far my hat's off to Atlas and LifeLike for giving us the Erie locos.
    Kato has done several E/L locos but I haven't heard of them doing any in pure ERIE.

    I used to sit by the tracks in Monroe, NY and watch the ERIE steam engines go by in the 40's and then the transition to diesel.
    Oh how we (kids) hated those smelly old diesels...we couldn't imagine why they would replace those beautiful steam locos with those diesels spurting smelly black exhaust and making such a racket.

    Time has changed my opinions and now I love the sight of a four-unit lashup of Alco or EMD F-units.

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