Intermountain dummy ( crappy ) couplers

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Biased turkey, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Biased turkey

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    Last week-end I purchased 3 Intermountain 40' boxcars. The Penn and CN one are fine and have an Accumate ( Atlas ) coupler, but when I checked the 3rd one ( #65744 State of Maine ) I realised it has a "fake" coupler because it is made in 1 piece.
    The knuckle and the lip shanks are not separated items and there is no trip pin.
    It's hard to detect the problem when the boxcar is a few feet away in the LHS display.
    Sorry , I can't post a pic because my camera is not suited for macro photography.

    Did anyone ever had that problem with Intermountain cars ?
  2. umtrr-author

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    I haven't had this problem. The coupler you describe sounds a bit like the "original" Intermountain version. Could be that the assembler found a stray and installed it... although thinking about it, that shouldn't make sense because I'm not sure that the old coupler would fit well in the Accumate box.

    IMRC has a reputation for excellent customer service. I would contact them directly.

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