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    I decided I didn't like the one-piece stair casting that came with the Walther's interlocking tower so I began to think about how I could make individual steps. After some deliberation (scratching from wood or styrene or using CV steps, etc.) a light bulb came on and I decided I'd cut stringers off the sides of the existing one-piece stair sets. They were already the right height or length and all I'd have to do is add the stairs themselves. A quick trip to the hobby shop in San Dimas (we were living in Diamond Bar with my in-laws at the time) brought home some scale stripwood and the rest wasn't that difficult.

    The second floor, well, I thought an outdoor porch might be a nice touch so the front and back walls were shortened on that floor and the window set brought in. Scratching the rest of the wall and the floor was easy. A chair and some pulp mags made a good eye-catcher.

    Reducing the width of the roof was trickier because of the angles. The other insane upgrade was the chimney. I widened the base and angled it to add interest. But the hard part was creating brick. I decided to do it one layer at a time, gluing on strip styrene in horizontal bands then coming back over it with a knife and cutting in the joints between 'bricks' on each band.

    It turned out okay, I think, but I don't know that I'd do it that way again. It may have been easier to make a wood or plaster master and cast a resin chimney or just use the master itself. But the casting stuff was buried deep in our storage unit and I had time on my hands so I went the route you see in the photos.

    The stone wall in the diorama was just for funsies. All that you see there came with the diorama; the junk, signs, etc. The base is foam on a small plank of thin wood (1/4 or 1/8" I think). I let the piece of wood dictate the size. I placed details around according to where I'd store them if I were a little person in the scene, like the paint cans under the stairs, signs leaning out back, etc. Alright, enough jibber jabber, here 'tis:




    These first three are from the 'back' of the building, not the track side. I intended this side to be the focus, placing the structure between the aisle and the track on a layout. Of course the buyer could put it wherever he or she wanted. Don't get me started on the guy who actually bought it....:curse: Let's just say for my first ebay sale it wasn't a smooth, easy experience and that had nothing to do with ebay, only the lack of communication on the buyer's part.
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    pics group 2

    First is a trackside view, then two close-ups on the stairs. I left the roof removable incase the buyer might want to add lighting or detail in the second floor. The stone wall was lightweight spackle, hand 'carved', painted and weathered just like the stone work on my timesaver, Murdock's Landing.

    Oh, and if you look closely in the second floor you may see some rods for controlling the turnouts & signals. These are basically stiff wire stuck in a block of wood that had grooves cut into it. Just a representation of the rods, really.



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    pics group 3




    The stand with the shelves and tanks on top as well as the light pole and stump are from Woodland Scenics. I like their details, but the castings are sometimes tricky to clean up especially if they require assembly.

    And finally the 'prototype' on the box cover. Note the air under the stairs.

    Walthers Interlocking Tower.jpg
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    Glaen, i think this has to be my favorite building of all the ones you have posted so far. there is so much details that are packed into this tiny little scene!!! Everytime i look at them, i see new things i hadnt seen before, now thats AMAZING!!! I love the rock retaining wall as well!!! The pipe coming out of it really makes it look real. I also like the brick chimeny and how you weathered the entire structure. i dont know what eles to say other then you did a FANTASTIC Job :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Thanks, Josh! The pipe is a little segment of one of those single drinking straws that you stir with. Up here in the NW some of the little coffee huts stick two in your latte through that little oval in the lid. I've never seen that anywhere else and really I don't like it but my wife does. Anyway, thanks for the comments!
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    Fantastic! I could really use that on my layout. ;-)
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    Looks terrific Galen! Great modeling! I like the stone wall, by the way.
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    Thanks, Ralph. I'll probably do a tutorial thread someday on my stone wall technique. It's really simple and doesn't take forever and I've never seen it elsewhere. It's a variation on the a scenery tip I picked up with my modular club down in SoCal. It doesn't have the fine texture other methods may achieve, but I haven't played with that aspect yet. We'll see.
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    Nice work,,the ground foam and wall are great.

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