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    My beloved NYC HO layout is scraped and all locomotives and cars sold.We have relocated from the Syracuse NY area to Port Orange Florida near Daytona Beach.I now live in a retirement mobile home park no space for a model RR.There is a very active RR Xing 1/4 mile from the house at night I hear trains blowing for the NOVA road XING about every 20 mins. all night Its fairly active during the day also.I can't believe they run so many trains on a single track.Can anyone tell me where there main yard is? I have not seen any Passenger trains.Took a drive over to Sanford see the Auto Train station.I went to Deland FL. to see the Amtrak station.Coming from NYC RR land I am pleased to see a railroad operation.However I know nothing about the FEC.
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    Some good links Kurt.:thumb:
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    David - do yourself a favour and look at It isn't the FEC, but it is set in Florida. I think its one of my favorite model railroads - just wish I had the space. I do have a trackplan worked out for 84"x18" in HO that is based on it. If you went to N it would fit in 48" x 12", and you must have room for that
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    One yard is in Miami and the other is at Jacksonville. The Jacksonville one is somewhere off of US1. The FEC follows US1.
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    Is the mobile home park for retirees only, or does it just happen to be populated by retirees? I'm wondering if they might have a community space at the park where a model rr club could set up and operate? There might be a modular club in your area where you could build a 2 x 4 foot module and participate with other modelers. I also wonder if there might be a club nearby that you could join? Just a few ideas for you to consider. If there is no club in your area, is there a bulliten board at some sort of comunity center in the trailer park where you could post a notice? You might want to see if there are others who are interested in trains who would want to start a modular club.
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    Thank you all for the responce.I do live in a retirement park.The nearest Model RR club is in flagler county north of Volusia county where we live Those were great FEC sites I saw more than 15 trains today

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