Improved Ballast Materials--One Gauge

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Bongo Boy, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Bongo Boy

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    I've been looking at a number of track photos and reading about the use of crusher fines for ballast, etc. What I've seen is ballast that, in most cases, includes at least some rock with a 'feature size' that is close to the narrow dimension of the sleepers--that is, rock chunks that, to scale, are equivalent to about 8" or so in diameter.

    Are there more uniform materials that work well for ballast that are much closer to scale? I was wondering about aquarium tank rock, for example (although probably not the day-glo chartreuse stuff :D).
  2. theBear

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    Darn and I was going to use some shocking pink stuff for my pike when it got to that point.

    Woodland Senics sells different colors and sizes of "ballast" so you can "mix and match".
  3. DeaconF

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    I got mine in the dollar store. they sell it as a craft material for people to make sand pictures with. I have not seen my black for coal lately however you may be able to get some. aquarium sand might be another good idea. I have also used budgey (spelling??) gravel used in a bird cage. hope this helps Frank
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    Go to Hobby Lobby or Micheals and look at sand the guys use for sand in bottle crafts. They are fine, almost too fine for HO. For HO I use what is sold at the local hardware as play sand. It in truth is screened creek sand. It's tan but can be easily colored with washes. Also Woodland scenics makes different size ballasts. There's another company that sells ground rock but their name slips me at the moment, but it's scientific sounding and they are in Arizona I think. They sell real rock that has been crushed and screened like granite and feldspar. Fred

    Looked it up with the search feature in this forum. It's Arizona Rock and Mineral CO. Look at this thread.
  5. Gary Pfeil

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    If I'm reading this right you are loking for ballast for Gauge 1. You would probably be better off posting your question in the G scale forum. I have a small garden railroad and use chicken grit for ballast on it. Not the best solution tho as it doesn't "lock" into place and a heavy rain washes some away. I can't remember now what I've read as recommende, crusher fines or some such. I wasn't able to locate them at any rate. Someone in the large scale forum is more likely to be able to help you.

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