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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Sir Jim, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Sir Jim

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    Way back in May of 2004 I was working on a garage sized layout and I solicited some great help from folks such as UPJunkie, Rick Nicholson, CidChase, Pitchwife, MasonJar and many, many others.

    I made the move to the new house and started to prep the garage ie: drywall, etc. I have since then bought another house. With the new house I am able to have ½ of the garage so I have space for 28 feet long by 10 wide up to the point where the hot water tank, sink and cabinets are and then there is the doorway to the backyard which really only leaves me 6 feet in that section.

    I have been taking many of the excellent ideas that I had received from my other layout and have used most of what I learned in this layout.

    BTW: I model HO

    If all of you would be so kind as to review the attached drawing and tell me where I screwed things up. While I have played long and hard on paper with this I’m sure I have missed something. Note: Industries may not remain as labeled but there will be something there.

    Thanks much!

    Jim Spaulding

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  2. bigsteel

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    Hey sir jim,nice to meet you.but your going to have to explain what your running,how youll run it,minimum radii,number of opertors,era,engines youll run,car lengths,etc.just generally catch us up.but for the little i know about your plan,it looks pretty good.--josh
  3. Sir Jim

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    I guess I just forgot to post all the real details.

    I'll be running 4 axle GP's from the early 1960's. Minimum radius on the mainline is 26" with most at 28 or larger.

    This layout will be for a max of 3 operators but I would say that 70% of the time it will just be me.

    General freight will be on the menu most of the time. I did not fashion this after anything but the space that I had available.

    Hope that helps some.

  4. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    How wide is trhe brown & yellow side? I presume you can access it from both inside and outside on the brown & yellow side.
  5. MilesWestern

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    I looked at all your photos. your backdrop is great! The New Haven certianly was a unique railroad, to say the least! Where are the "Flat Bottoms, Jets, and yellow yackets?" It certianly has alot of great potnetial! Let's soo some more progress and scenery. Keep us Posted! :)
  6. jambo101

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    Sure looks like fun but way to complex for me.As a total newb i was wondering what all the black dots represent on the layout,thought they might be individual electrical Blocks but noticed you have them at the end of sidings which blows my block idea..:confused:
  7. Sir Jim

    Sir Jim New Member


    The Brown & Yellow side is 5 feet wide with each side being 2.5 feet. The left hand side is also 2.5 feet deep with the center walk way being 2.5 feet. The section holding the Refinery is 3 feet deep but accessible from both sides. The red line between the brown & yellow sections will be a masonite divider so that from the inside while operating the yard one would not be able to see the hidden staging.


    The black dots are where the track connects to another track. They were just white dots using RTS but I filled them in so I could see them better. It's the age thing.

    This layout will reside in the garage where the war department gets the other half which looking at the layout would be on the right hand side. Overall width of the garage is 24 feet with a length of 34 feet. The reason the railroad is only 28 feet is that below the refinery section is where I will keep my motorcycle.

    The north end where the lift out section is had to be angled and narrowed due to the outside garage back door and water heater, sink and cabinets just to the right of them. Other side of that wall is the laundry which is inside the house. Let me see if I can't come up with a pic of the overall garage & benchwork outline later today.

  8. Sir Jim

    Sir Jim New Member

    Here is an image showing the garage outline to the left with the benchwork outline of the plan. Grid is 1 foot.


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  9. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    It looks like a fun layout to operate. I think I would double track the diagonal route going through the yard in the brown section with crossovers at each end for either run around tracks or to use as East/West or North/South yard leads. It looks like one crossover between the bottom yard ladder and the diagonal line would do the trick.
  10. Sir Jim

    Sir Jim New Member

    Thanks for the idea and I think it would add some additional possibilities however, I'm a little lost as to where to add the crossover you are talking about.

  11. Sir Jim

    Sir Jim New Member


    Is this what you were talking about?

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