If I could buy only 1 diesel loco ?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by mrgooch, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. mrgooch

    mrgooch Member

    I need suggestions from you. The engine needs to pull 10 cars up a 4% grade without slipping. Is there a diesel out there that can do it.
  2. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    If these cars are stock weight(the weight that comes with the kit) A P2K GP7 or 9 should do it.I suspect a Athearn GP9 would to.
  3. IMRL393

    IMRL393 Member

    Any Atlas Master loco should be able to handle that.

    The GP38 or GP40 for example.

    And I'm almost sure my Kato SD40 would.

    What road do you model ???

    If we knew that, we could tell you the locos produced in that road which should work.

    - George
  4. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    What scale are you in, HO???
  5. mrgooch

    mrgooch Member

    N scale

    using n scale on the Scenic Ridge layout. I am not modeling any perticular road.
  6. RI541

    RI541 Member


    I run mostly Life-Like engines and dont have a problem,I also have a Atlas U25b that has an excellent draw bar pull.

    Ten cars is not alot as I only run 10 to 15 myself.My favorite loco is the Life-Like GP18 sold with the American Workhorse set but can be bought seperatly.For a train set loco this one is excellent in my book.

    The newer locos have come a long ways in the last five years. but remember that the loco you purchase will be the most costly thing on you lay-out.

    Now about your road name........Rock Island is a nice line:D :D

    Good luck,

  7. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    All the road engines I have are Kato or Atlas and I have 4% grades. They will pull 10 on the grade but not on the grade and thru a compound curve or sharp curve(really true if you use "live" loads). I have some Life-Like GP-18's but they don't have flywheels and stalled a lot in yards when switching at scale speeds. I would strongly suggest if you are going to do operations to use only flywheeled loco's. Hmmmm, is flywheeled a word???:eek:
  8. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    I have found that my Life Like C-Liners are among the best pullers in my fleet. One of them had no problem pulling 46 cars, all weighted to NMRA 20.1 standard around the NTrak layout (including around curves) with no wheel slippage at all.
    My Kato F7's are very good as well, but they are a little hard to find right now.:(
    Happy modeling.


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