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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by scubadude, May 12, 2008.

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    Authors sometimes make errors. I often see an acknowledgment in history books that the subject is large and complex, and mistakes may have been made, followed by a request from the author for corrections. If they have an e-mail address, I send them whatever information I have. I have no problem with that. Historical research is finicky and dependent in many cases on incomplete records that were all that was available to the author at the time.

    Additionally, readers have to take the time factor into account. I always look at the date of publication in order to establish what information might have been available to the author at the time and what might have been learned since then. Bright people, however, make dumb mistakes all the time. When Ballard first pontificated for the press on the sinking of the TITANIC, he stated as fact that the vessel had hit the bottom at a speed in "the three digit range", i.e., 100 mph or better. A 30 second phone call after 5 seconds of serious thought would have netted him the fact that there is a maximum velocity in water of just over 30 mph for a streamlined object under ideal circumstances. I forwarded that information to Ballard, and to the network TV station that carried the interview. Ballard was gracious enough to respond to my letter and thank me.

    Errors happen, and the likelihood and magnitude of the error is directly proportional to the credentials of the author. By the time they get a doctorate, it's guaranteed to be a doozy.

    As for Wikipedia, it has been banned from just about every school in the nation as an allowable reference for any submission, whether term paper, thesis or whatever. I never understood how any source could claim credibility when anyone and everyone could edit it pretty much at will.

    In the meantime, I love history books, and I often do my own impromptu research using a history book I have just read as a starting point.
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    Ralph: Send your cartoons to the E- Mag!!!!

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    Why buy the cow

    When you can get the milk for free???

    Lot's of inspiration and information on-line for free... So why bother paying for magazines?

    Sure, you have to take some information with a grain of salt, but with some research, you can cross reference and double check most things.

    Also, put your tax dollars to work and use the public library! You can dig through back issues of MR and RMC as well as plenty of other books and references.

    If your local library doesn't have a certian book, ask about Interloan Services.
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    Due to budget restrictions, there are no libraries in my area that even carry model railroad magazines, and Denver is the largest library system in the state. The library in Colorado Springs carries exactly one. The supply of model railroading books and references is equally dismal, and they are all old books, mostly ten years or more.

    That leaves the internet, wading through mountains of advertising and deliberate misdirection by Google and Ask, in the hopes of finding a single nugget of interest. The Yahoo modelling group refuses to even respond, even to attempts to join.

    Free inspiration? I would love some - where is it?
  5. lester perry

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    the free info is right here,all you have to do is post your question.
    if you want to know how something runs, ask. You will get a real answer instead of the bull you get from magazine.
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    He is preserved in a bridge pier on my old layout. sign1
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    Most clubs in England would black-ball you for that.

    Use of real concrete is severely frowned upon.

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    And now, the rest of the story:

    I don’t like DCC- period, for one really good reason.
    Modellers boast about the proposed complex or simple layout still in the Xtrack software or whatever, and invariably end with the ‘blood spit and slap’ pledge of DCC.
    There’s not length of track in the house yet, pink and blue foam are a dream, the scale is still alphabet soup, but yadda yadda yadda DCC!
    For crying out loud, lay down some pink or blue foam, or two hundred placemats from the dollar store or some hi density thin upholstery foam, and run some trains.
    That’s a buncha reasons, but at least they are not rivets!

  9. ScratchyAngel

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    I'm not sure generic criticism is quite the same as condemning an individual ;) Of course, the whole thread may show otherwise.
  10. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    I assume you're quoting some one from another thread in the italicized portion of your post.. If you want to make the point that at some time some one HAS made disparaging remarks about another member on The Gauge, I get it.

    The Gauge is a forum full of human beings, and some folks at times (fortunately not very often) will say things that are abrasive or challenging. That's what we mods are here for. Let us know about such things directly and we'll deal with them.

  11. ScratchyAngel

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    I have to admit, I've never been to a club or seen a large group remain so encouraging and civil on the whole. It's pretty stunning for the Internet especially.
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    I'll go along with that.:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

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    How did this thread go from if anyone here has been published to criticising the worth of information in magazines to various social commentary on forums etc???:confused:....again, all I wanted to know was if anyone here on THE Gauge has been published, and if not why not considering all the talent showcased here.....so...rant on!!! sign1
  14. Ralph

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    I think what may have happened is that people are saying the urge to publish in a magazine isn't as great when you have the opportunity to show your work in a forum full of receptive and supportive members. We can try to share our work in a magazine but it takes a lot of work, the time and aggravation of going through editorial hoops, and the odds of actually being published are low.

    Posting on a forum is immediate, easy, and we get quick feedback and acknowledgment. What's not to like about that!? :)

    Still, I'd be pretty thrilled to see my modeling work in a well known publication. That's very satisfying.

  15. scubadude

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    Well then there you have it! :v8:
  16. scubadude

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    Huh? :confused:
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    whether you are an arm chair modeler or have miles of track with scenery and hundreds of locos. there seems to be room for you here. Now if that is a problem and you wish to be critical of everyone and their dreams and/or accomplishments. keep it to yourself. It is not needed here. I may be speaking out of turn as I am only a member and not an official of this forum but as far as I am concerned go somewhere else with it.
  18. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Guys, I think I have that one covered already (see up above post #32). Let's return to the original question now. :thumb:

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