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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Midnight, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. 65GASSER

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    I love Blue Box Athearn locos! Good price and there are tons of detail parts you can add as you go! Also I am envious of the 2 car garage to use.
  2. I dont know if this will help since you already ordered your books, but a great one too look into for scenery is the "How to build Model Railroad Scenery" from Model Railroader Books published by Kalmbach Books and written by Dave Frary. It is very extensive and I have almost lived by it for my modeling:D It is a bit pricey however at around $25 but well worth it:thumb: It very thorough and provides nice step by step tutorials and it is very helpful for first time modelers.

    Hope this helps and happy modeling :wave:
  3. Midnight

    Midnight Member

    Well, Gasser, it turns out that I'm not going to be using that. In the summer, it gets to be up to 115 degrees in there. Everything would begin to melt. :\ That wouldn't be good.

  4. 65GASSER

    65GASSER Member

    I dunno if it would melt, but I wouldn't want to be hanging out in a 115 degree garage!!! Hope you figure something out!
  5. Midnight

    Midnight Member

    I'm going to use the backporch. There's plenty of room out there.
  6. Russ Bellinis

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    My brother had some trains stored in a metal shed in Riverside, Ca. The temps in Riverside get to 100 degrees or better in the summer. I don't know what his solar gain was inside the shed. The models didn't melt down, but they did warp not only plastic, but zamac castings also warped!
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    I would agree that most sets do come with the cheaper track. However, Train Sets Only does sell HO sets that include NS track. The Bachmann Spectrum line includes NS as do some sets by Walthers, the Life-Like Proto series sets, and without double-checking, I believe the Athearn sets do as well. These sets typically come with better locos and rolling stock.

    If you were looking on Amazon, sorted by price, you were probably seeing the cheap sets first. They typically do come with steel track.

    Give us a call during normal business hours or email us and we can help you select either a set or individual components. While we're obviously in business to make a profit (who isn't), we're not ignorant about what we sell and are frequently praised for the help we provide.

    Train Sets Only
  8. Midnight

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    Well, on Monday, we are going to the Train Shop on Monday. I've found a guy at school who has model trains. He says the one that we are going to has really good quality for a really low price. He found an Athearn loco for $45. One of the good ones...

  9. Midnight

    Midnight Member

    We're going to the HS today! I've decided that I might not focus on trains. I might have one or two, but mostly I'm going to focus on scenery.

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