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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Xaniel, Dec 19, 2003.

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    :wave: LONG LIVE THE MNP! :wave: modelo não perfeito!
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    This got me thinking. Hmmmm, I think that happened once before. Anyway, it seems the internet is held together by about 425,000 rivets. I found out by searching hte internet for rivets:

    Search for Rivets

    :D :D :D
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    You gotta quit doing that.
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    Hi Luis!
    Great article! Thanks for sharing it!:thumb:
    My experience with "rivet counters", or what I sometimes call the "prototype police", has rarely, if ever, been condesension, or arrogance from highly skilled modelers...in fact I usually find them to be the most cordial, helpful, encouraging, & forgiving of my own shortcomings.
    For me, the "rivet counter" has always been "that guy"...he shows up at the club meets, the LHS, the train shows, & on the internet forums...They critisize the layouts, they critisize the models (& the modelers), they critisize whatever scale they've deemed to be unworthy, they critisize the products, they critisize the mfgrs, & on & on...What I've come to realize about "this guy", & what always strikes me as funny, is that 9 times out of 10, "this guy", despite all his self-proclaimed expertise, & all his "pooh-poohing" of everyone elses efforts, "this guy" never seems to have anything of his own to hold up as a shining example to the rest of us!:rolleyes:
    Ahhh...Charlie have proverb that say, "He who count neighbors' rivets, may soon have own rivets counted." :D ;) :p
    When it's all said & done, I'm struck by how truly sad "this guy" is...I think he's so uptight about everything...the hobby, life in general...that he can't cut loose, & really pour himself into something! He too caught up with worrying about "nit-picky" things...
    Anyway, I've also discovered that the best tact for handling the rivet counters, is to do what my Mama always taught me..."kill 'em with kindness!" If someone critisizes your modeling efforts, rather than the knee-jerk "f###-off" reaction, try something like, "Wow, tou seem to really know something about this...I'm in the middle of working on this or that, perhaps you could give me a hand...show me what I should be doing?"
    You'll either get some expert help, or you'll shut that hole in their face! :D :thumb: ;) :p
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    Hello, my name is Rich, and I "Play" with trains!
  9. Ralph

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    Hi Rich! :D
    Ralph (Sitting with the group)
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    As John Wayne Once Said...Maybe

    "Well......I reckon that after 40 years in this hobby I still ain't no model railroader.... 'Cause I ain't never bothered to count no rivets, neither mine or anyone else's... Any of you Pilgrims wanna come over and play Thomas The Tank Engine with me?":D :D :D :D :D

    Phoooey!!!..On rivet counters and nit pickers!!! :p :p :p
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    I have met both kinds of rivet counters..Some are nice while others is rather pushy(for the lack of a better word) in what they believe is the correct way to model.In other words their way is the 100% correct way to enjoy the hobby and if you fail to model their way you are not a true model railroader and will tell you that in less then a heart beat and won't blink a eye when they do.
    All to sadly I was a member of that group I also came to realize I was modeling more for what others thought and no longer modeling for myself!! Then can the realization of a light heart attack and how fast one can die,then I realize how foolish it is to worry over minute details of a model or as far as that goes life its self So now I am very happy modeling close enough and good enough.:thumb:
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    Hey Jon

    Jon , I just rechecked the internet and consulted with many (never seen before) documents and talked with many persons involved in it's inception, and also took numerous measurements with my calipers and discovered that you are most definitly wrong.
    The internet is held togther with 437,061 1/2 rivets and 2 screws.

    :p :p :p :thumb:
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    Re: As John Wayne Once Said...Maybe

    I'll come! U want me to bring the cheapy LL boxcars & some rapidos?
  14. Benny

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    I will remember well the feelings of the prototypes...they don't care WHAT it looks like so long as it gets the Cargo Going!!!

    I have Boxcars, Tanks cars, whole slewfuls of locomotves, so I figure I can get freight from point A to point B on my big Layout in the sky Just fine!
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    Re: Hey Jon

    ...and a few nuts. None of them modelers though!

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