I Love this Group !!!

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by treestoart, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. treestoart

    treestoart Guest

    Ask a question...get a reply promptly, that is my experience with this group. Thanx to all who responded to me, you made me feel right at home.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Treestoart,

    Well its good to hear that you are enjoying your experiences here. Thats one thing I liked about this site from the first day I registered, the people here are friendly and more than willing to help in what ever way they can.
    I have noticed that this trait runs throughout all of the members here that I have met, and is even present in the new members.
    I think it has to do with the way they were treated when they first became a member. Something about if a person is treated well, he treats others well.
    Conflicts are rare here as well as "less than pleasant" sentiments, and are most often settled on their own without the need of moderators stepping in.
    So, again, we are glad you enjoy it here and we want to see as much of you and your work as you care to share with us.
    Just try to make other new members feel as welcome as you do......the rewards and friendships created here are something you wont find everywhere on the internet.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  3. treestoart

    treestoart Guest

    Thanx GW!
    After reading many, many posts, I was hoping you would drop by and say howdee. I knew that you would! Friendly attracts friendly!
    Drop in anytime, I have lots to share, some of it is worth listening to! lol :grin:
  4. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    First off welcome to the site! Glad you like it here. 5000+ models huh? That's quite a few. Any chance of getting a list posted? I know GW has a sizeable collection as well and I would be interested in seeing that list to.
    Once again welcome.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Well cool Phil,

    Its a pleasure to make your aquaintance. I think you will probably see alot of me here, I think this post puts me at about 700 since I first joined back on jan 15th of this year lol. But yeah, I try to make the new people feel welcome when I see them make their first post. Sometimes I may slip up and one might slip thru but for the most part, I welcome them all.
    If ya find yourself looking for a link to a free download of what ever, just hollar, if its out there and its legal, Usually i can find or know where it is.
    Or, if you find yourself in need of answers, well thats the beauty of belonging to a 2000+ strong group like we have here.....someone has an answer.

    Anyway, you will find out soon enough that I am also long winded and tend to ramble lol, Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  6. treestoart

    treestoart Guest

    Thanx for the welcome,willja67.

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