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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Apr 15, 2007.

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    I still have the one Decapod that is working ok, sent two back and traded for a 2-10-2. Iv'e been checking with the Bachmann service dept. and was told the problem with the 2-10-0's was a short from the contact plate to the axles. The tech I talked to also mentioned the Decapods with sound come with an insulater strip above the axles and so do not have the shorting out problem.
    I ordered one from Micro-mark and was stunned when I put it on the track. I have bells, whistle, generator noises, steam let-off, and syncronized chuff-chuff as engine picks up speed. All this on straight DC. This is making me wonder if DCC might be cool even though my layout will be pretty simple. If I get a DCC set up and buy engines like this one with sound, what is involved in the programming? I assume each engine is dialed in individually? I know that instructions would come with the system, but can somebody just give me the basic procedure?
    John R
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    You will need a program track seperate from layout. Put loco on that track push program button, follow directions which wil be something like loco number _ _ _ _ , then some other items to customize you loco which you can skip at first and you are done. That is it.
    The other things availible will come in time but not needed at first. Such as starting voltage, top voltage, accelerating rate, deccelerating rate, chug rate, whistle sound volume, and much much more. But these are extras which are there now but not needed to start. I have the MRC Prodigy Advance system and love it. It is very user friendly.
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    Les, thanks for giving me some answers. I was making the point that I was surprised to get so much sound on just DC. Since I will not have the room for a large, complex layout with a number of turnouts, I was not planning on going DCC, but all the sounds do make it come alive.
    If you do not mind me asking, what does a system like the one you have go for? And does this connect to the tracks like a simple DC transformer? I will need to figure out what I want to do here pretty quick. Time to start putting the layout together------Thanks again Les----------------John
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    Make sure to keep your track spotless. Sound locos are extremely picky!
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    I stole mine at $180. I am not sure of what the price is. As far as hook up goes I just replace DC power pack with the DCC and that was it other that wiring a program track which is simply attaching wires to a small piece of track and to the power supply where indicated. I have been at DCC for about a year now and have few problems. Dirty track is the biggest one. But I had that before DCC it is just more critical now. I love it and recommend it if you have more than a simple circle of track with no plans to grow or operate.

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