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    Cottage Scene

    Yes I finally started to build a scene for my Ho Scale Layout. I forgot to take pictures when I was doing it. It only took me about 10 minutes to do it. I first got a piece of cardboard, then spraypainted it green, added some sand, folige & 2 trees. I have yet to place the cottage on it. I will take a picture when all the ground folige is dry and when the trees are dried. I will have to borrow my sister's digital camera and take a picture for you guyz. [​IMG] Now remember this is my first scratch build of a scene or of anything. LOL [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That's the only way to do it - just dive right in. The only way to get better at scratchbuilding is through experience.

  3. Drew1125

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    Way to go, Matthew! :thumb:

    Hey, you could still take some pics & let us see what you're up to! ;)
  4. Chessie6459

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    Here are the pictures Enjoy:

    Photo #1: This first photo show the Chessie Caboose sitting in the front yard with the trailer that is holding the wood for the platform for the caboose so you can get up there and take a look around.

    Photo #2: This photo shows where the cottage will be setting. The foundation has yet to be dug and poured.

    Photo #3: Top View of the area.

    Photo #4: This shows you what you will see out the front window of the cottage.

    Hope You Enjoyed them as I had fun making this. More To Come Later On.

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  5. Chessie6459

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    Not complete yet. I am going to be adding some folige around the bottom of the trees and will start to build the foundation for the cottage here real soon.
  6. Will_annand

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    That is a good start though Matt. Will wait patiently for the next set of pics.
  7. Chessie6459

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    Thank You Will.

    Update on my little scene here. Today I finally built the foundation and decking for the cottage. Took me 4 hours to complete it but I managed it. I just have to add some folige around the bottom of the trees and some vines to the cottage. Thanks Will for that suggestion about the vines. I have painted the ties & rails. The rails have a rust color as no trains are moving across them only a Caboose sitting on them for some time now. I also have to paint the foundation & decking to the desired color. Hopefully I will have photo's up Monday. So watch for the photo's.
  8. Chessie6459

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    Here is the almost completed cottage scene. All's that is left to do is make the platform so the people can get up to the Caboose. The Chessie Caboose in the previous photo's has since been brought out of retirement and placed back into active service. The railroad has replaced it with a UP Caboose that will slowly be painted into the Chessie Colors.


    First Photo - The Foundation

    Second Photo - Looking through the trees to the cottage

    Third Photo - The Caboose in front of the cottage

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