I finally decided what road to run

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by neb1211, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. neb1211

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    Well after a lot of thought about what road to run I finally decided to run Wisconsin Central. Wisconsin Central (now owned by CP or CN. cant't remember) has a yard and intermodel terminal in town and it will be easy for me to get the car layout correct if I ever decide to go that far. Last week and part of this week the local hobby store was having a sale and I picked up the followingL

    Wisconsin Central SW 1200 Powered Cow - Con cor - $29 on sale
    Wisconsin Central GP40 Decoder Ready - Atlas - $79 on sale
    Railbox Box car - Conductor's Choice - $1.19 on sale
    48ft JB Hunt container - Walthers - $2.98 on sale

    I know some of you would like pictures so I will post some pics as soon as I find my digital camera. Also I still haven't forgot to post pics of my layout. I have yet to get it setup at my mom's house.
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  3. MagicMan_841

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    WC is now owned by CN Rail.
  4. neb1211

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    I knew it was one of the two.
  5. Chessie6459

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    can't wait to see pictures. how big is your layout?
  6. neb1211

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    Here are some pictures of what I picked up




    I still don't have any pictures of the layout because I have yet to get it moved to my mom's house. To answer your question steamer, the layout is about 7ft x 3ft (that is a rough estimate).
  7. Ralph

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    Good choice of roads! I live very near the junction of the Withrow Subdivision and the Minnesota Commercial RR and get to see WC trains all the time. Love that switcher in the pic above!
  8. simonf

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    that's some great lookin paint. the switcher is a beaut! i need one of these [​IMG] can't wait to see those rolling on your layout.
  9. neb1211

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    Well right now the railbox box car is the just about the only piece of rolling stock that I have right now. Most of the rolling stock that my dad had was damaged during the move. The box that is was in unfortunatly shifted and was crushed :(
  10. Chessie6459

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    Great pieces of equipment and good photo's. Sorry to hear about what happened to you dad's rolling stock.
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    hey lenny, that picture doesn't work. All I see is a red x.
  13. rcwatkins

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    If the pix an x, I guess it works. :rolleyes:

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